Choosing the Right Male Chastity Device

If you’re eyeing chastity devices, whether online or in stores, you’ll notice that they’re not cheap items. They don’t let you try them on in stores for hygiene purposes, and online you’re making judgements from images and words, so you’re faced with the dilemma of looking at devices and trying to imagine how they will fit and feel.

You’ve got two key decisions to make:
• How do you get the right size?
• Would a silicon device, such as the Birdlocked or CB, be best, or would a steel cage be more suitable?


i’ve included some good links at the bottom of this article that will help you to estimate the size you’ll need. The most important measurement is the base-ring, which is the ring that goes around the balls and cock (like a standard cock ring). This ring really matters, so you need to get it right if you’re going to get a comfortable and secure fit. It would even be worth investing in some standard cockrings and wearing them for a day to find the right size.

There are other things to consider too, so explore links below before you get your creditcard out.


Chastity3My general advice for purchasing chastity is that plastic and surgical silicon material based devices are great for short periods of fun but aren’t the right choice for longer-term chastity.

Comfort-wise, medical silicon material based is the most comfortable. It’s like a thick coat of wrap around your cock, and isolates it from the world like a vacuum cocoon.

The issue with silicon based cages is hygiene. Because they’re in contact with your skin very closely, body excrement is not easy to clean.

Plastic devices are relatively less comfortable than silicon, as chafing between the skin and the device-base ring can happen easily when it is too tight. The issue of hygiene with plastic devices is similar to silicon, often they are designed to really enclose the cock and this makes access to the inner side of the device very difficult.

Between silicon and plastic, silicon has by far the least chance of chafing or discomfort. Plastic can certainly be cheaper, but you’ll really need to experiment with different sizes of the base-ring and different lengths until you eventually find the right one.

Most importantly, both silicon and plastic are going to be unsuitable for longer periods of chastity. You will need to unlock to wash it thoroughly on a weekly basis.


Chastity4If you’re interested in longer periods of chastity, and want to save the mess of unlocking and relocking for the maintenance of hygiene, you might want to start looking at steel chastity cages. Steel chastity devices usually have a more open design, with easier access for cleaning, so they’re generally better in terms of hygiene. There’s also less chafing once you find the right size of the base-ring. If you can find a good fitting steel cage then it can be quite comfortable.

Some steel cages come with built in uretheral lock. These can be great if you’re going to measure your chastity in hours, but they’ll be totally unsuitable if you are going to measure it in days.


There’s a misconception amongst people who’ve never played with chastity before that you buy a cage and you’re ready to go from the outset. i hope you’re lucky enough to buy the right cage first time around, but there could be adjustment of rings, problems with sleep because of night erections, hygiene problems etc.

What i’m saying is that the device may need to come off and go back on quite a number of times before you settle in to a comfortable groove.

That has implications for playing safe. i knew someone who got a new cage, had a big locking scene with a Dom (that he didn’t know all that well) and then left him with the keys. All the keys! That might seem sexy, but it’s also pretty stupid. If he had started feeling major discomfort he might have been in real trouble.

Try it out yourself for a while before you give anyone your keys. In fact, carry a key in your wallet. Quite often a new cage will lead to skin chafing, and if you keep it locked without giving yourself some healing time you could end up with a skin infection, especially if you can’t clean properly and the body excrement stays and sticks to the wounded skin. Once you’re sure the device is friendly to your body and there’s no chafing, THEN you can start thinking of playing with a key holder.

There’s lots of discussion on the web by chastity kinksters, and there’s lots of different things to discover. One person’s kinks and fetishes aren’t necessarily another person’s, and there’s no right or wrong way with chastity, no good or bad. You get to experiment and discover what works best for you. Chastity Forum is one of the best places to start, because it has lots of honest personal experiences by people, and I’ve listed some others in the links below.


• Male Chastity Journal – Getting a Good Fit
• Gritty Woman – Beginner’s Guide to Chastity Part 1: Fitting and Measuring for a Chastity Device
• Chastity Mansion – PansyTart’s Measuring System for Custom-Fit Devices


• Tickleberry – Points to Consider Before You Purchase A Chastity Device
• HolyTrainer – Reviews of High-End Chastity Devices
• AltarBoy – Chastity Device Reviews
• Chastity Mansion – Chastity Device Reviews Forum
• FetLife – Chastity Devices
• FetLife – Enforced Chastity

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  1. Harvey says:

    Hi there, interested to know what model of chastity device you use personally to stay chaste for long periods of time under your Master? Can you perhaps give me a personal review on that device?

    Much appreciated!
    This is an interesting blog by the way

  2. boy denon says:

    Hi Harvey,

    i am glad you liked the blog, hope to have You commenting on other things too!

    i have a tried a few devices – silicon, acrylic, steel, plastic. So sometime i swap between plastic and steel when i need to go through metal detective xray at the custom, but mainly its steel cage that i am wearing.

    Why not You put up some of the devices that You are currently eyeing on, and i will give you some personal advice on the devices You are interested in? The reason is, i do not know how “long-term” is Your “long-term” and i can’t give any good advice/review if i have no idea what You desire.

    Thanks for commenting,

    1. Harvey says:

      Thanks for the rather swift reply Denon,

      I’ve tried and is currently wearing a CB6000s and it’s comfortable for short term wear < 3 days but i find it uncomfortable and unhygienic if you go beyond one week locked in it as it is rather hard to clean. I look forward to stay chaste upwards to 1 month maybe more without unlocking the lock on my chastity device.

      Currently looking to upgrade to a more secure metal with hopefully more open cage like the mature metal jailbird, I hope for a cage with a more open architecture like the jailbird would allow for a more long term wear due to it being easy to clean without unlocking. However this option is rather pricy and is currently out of my budget range by a factor of more than 2,

      There are some chinese made chastity that also shares the open architecture of the jailbird that seem comfortable to wear but given their super cheap price and some negative reviews on certain models rusting resulting in open sores on the scrotum, other than faulty metal there is some reviews on them having poor finishes on them which results in skin irritation form pinching and unnecessary friction. This makes me think twice before wasting my money on them.

      Hence I would like to know what model you're using that i hope is also of the open architecture type that i'm looking for and hopefully it's rather affordable for me to buy also!

      Thanks! and merry christmas if you celebrate it, else just happy holidays!

      1. boy denon says:

        Hi Harvey,

        Sorry for the late reply, as I was traveling with my Master.

        Yes, I would agree with the issues of the Cb,you would get some rashes or skin problem after a while if You prolonged locked.

        i will make a detail response once I get to my laptop. But You are right, if You’d like yo experience some longer period of chastity practice, best to go for steel. I do have some recommendation for which steel chastity to choose, and will pull up the link for You when i get to my laptop.

        For now, enjoy Your Christmas and happy new year.

        1. Harvey says:

          Thanks Denon,

          Can’t wait for your detailed reply, Happy 2015 to you and your master Marc!

          1. boy denon says:

            Hi Harvey,

            Thanks for Your new year wishes, i am sure Master Marc is happily being wished by one of the site follower.

            and Happy new 2015 Year to You too.

            Re: Chastity recommendation

            Would You mind to send me a few links on which chastity that You are currently eyeing on? Yes, Steel cages are the one that you are looking for if you intended some prolonged play. China-made chastity have good and bad, some have great quality that never rust (fully stainless-steel). Some will rust like you say, but i beg to differ that it will create serious injury, because you will know when it started to rust and you will not wear a rusted chastity device. Generally speaking, Steel chastity are rather heavy in comparison to others, but once you get the right one, it will be right for the rest of your life.


          1. boy denon says:

            Hi Harver,

            As i am not sure the size of Your penis, and the links that You sent me have two different size.
            Two of them are considered long, and two of them are short and small. You know the best which size You will fit well.

            If you are aiming to have longer period chastity, the one with urethra insert is out of the table, as it is calculate by “hours” not “days” But it does add to a different experience.

            The open architect might be the best option for longer period chastity (More than two weeks without unlock). As it keeps air circulation, and cleaning is easier. But be aware that the base ring is not one piece, but made up of a few different steel connection/hinge, those are the place that would accumulate dirt/body excrement.

            i do not have experience of how easy to clean those. Bur relatively speaking, it is better and more hygienic than other plastic chastity device.

   This seems like a very good option, as you could put the spike in – optionally, but again, i do not know how easy to clean the internal structure.

            One more advice from me, the longer the device, the heavier it is, and hence, the more redundant it is for longer period wearing comfort. Measure your penis when it is FLACCID, and goes with the cage that is slightly bigger than it is flaccid, so there is room for you to clean the internal wall of the device.

            They all are quite well-made, and no worries with the worry of it rusted, i have purchased from Dhgate, and it never rust at all. However, you do need to replace the lock within 2 to 4 months, the lock get rusted and you will know when it gets choppy.

            Hope it helps, and do let me know which one you get and how it goes!


        2. Harvey says:

          Thanks a lot for your feed back Denon!

          I’m currently eyeing this

          since i think it should be just nice for my cock, since it’s about the same size as a cb6000s i think…
          I’m sort of a grower…. my cock is 5~5.5 inches erect but can shrivel down to < 2 inches at times…

          do you mind sharing which one did you brought? since it appears that you're rather satisfied with it, perhaps i could buy from the same reputable seller


          1. boy denon says:

            Hi Harvey,

            i have take a look at the above device, it may look small to you but it is actually huge for you (i think) if You are comparing with cb6000s.
            Similar items that you could consider perhaps is these two

            These two, their basering are one-ring, there is no hinge in between. But again, it is not as “open” as the frond part is a full steel enclosure.

            If not, perhaps this would be nice too

            But honestly speaking, if you are getting your first chastity, you might not get it right the first time, every person’s body is different. Some have tighter ballsack, some prefer room for erection, some prefer absolute shrink chastity. You get what i mean, get one and try it out, and you will know what works for you and what doesn’t.

            Drop me an email and We can discuss things privately if You need any private advice.


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