Affordable Chastity Devices from China – Things You Need to Know

China has emerging industries for pretty much everything nowadays, and that includes BDSM toys and chastity devices.

i have some personal experience with Chinese chastity cages (my current go-to steel cage comes from China). If you’ve never shopped on a Chinese website before, i wanted to share some experiences and handy hints. i’m basing this information on shopping at DHGate, which is the most popular Chinese ecommerce website for chastity devices and has thousands of listings.

Delivery Time

Delivery time ranges from 15 to 30 days, depending on your location and the efficiency of your national post delivery services. DHGate has an online tracking system and gives you tracking codes, so you can see where your parcel is thoughout the process.


The first thing i hear whenever Chinese chastity devices are discussed are usually questions about the quality. There’s a general perception that Chinese products are not well made. Or, that you must get what you pay for, so if the price is cheap the quality must be terrible.

Actually, the opposite is true when it comes to chastity devices. i have purchased several steel chastity devices on DHGate, and all i can say is that they don’t rust at all. There could be some shoddy products on the site, i’m not guaranteeing the quality of every item, but the ones i’ve purchased have been excellent quality.

i showered in a Chinese steel cage almost every day last year, wore it 24/7 and swam regularly at the beach and the swimming pool, and it is still in perfect condition.


Unless you have a Prince Albert piercing, it doesn’t matter whether you buy your chastity cage in China or the US or elsewhere. None of them guarantee 100% security. You can slip out if you want to, and if you try hard enough i’m sure you can cum without taking it off. But, i assume you’re reading this because you’re considering buying one, so i assume you’re serious about denying yourself and you’re not interested in cheating.


A few things to be aware of before placing your order:

• if it is a metal or steel device, it is going to be heavy. If you have a tight scrotum, my suggestion is to go with a silicon chastity device , like the Birdlocked, or a plastic chastity device, like the HolyTrainer.

• urethra-insert – These are not safe for anything longer than very short term chastity. If you are a leaker, easily and constantly leaking precum, you will be able to keep the inner wall of your penis lubed up. If not, you’ll find that the inner wall of your urethra gets dry quickly. The insert will stick to the inner wall of your dick and movements up and down can easily cause damage. Urethra inserts can be fun for an hour or two, but they’re certainly not something for a 24/7 lifestyle.


Don’t be shocked when you go to DHGate. Everything there is a LOT cheaper than the prices you will have seen on big Western BDSM toy sites and from brand name manufacturers like CB, Birdlocked and HolyTrainer.

There are either some big price mark-ups happening in the West, or someone is paying too much for manufacturing. i suspect it is probably mark-ups rather than manufacturing costs, because i’ve seen what I know are Chinese DHGate cages on Western sites at five times the price.

i respect that original designers of products need to make back the investment they put into design, but honestly, i feel that if you are paying USD150 for a cage from a big-name retailer then you are being ripped off. And it wouldn’t shock me if it was originally made in China anyway.

You will find on DHGate that your favourite brand name devices, like CB-3000, CB-6000, CB-6000S, Bird Lock, Holy Trainer, The Curve, Bon4 and others, will all yield search results for exact replica copycats. You’ll need to examine your own moral code to decide how much you respect design patents and whether you should buy replica products or not.

The steel cages are not such a moral minefield though, and they’re super affordable. So affordable, in fact, that you might consider buying a few to try.

Enjoy shopping, and i’d love it if you left a comment here to share how the experience was.

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  1. Tom Sheldon says:

    Hi denon,

    Just paid for the same device you wore in the “Self Bondage – Full Body Rope Harness” post, I hope that’s the one you wore for a year undergoing daily showers, chlorinated water as well as seawater.

    I can’t wait for it to arrive in 2~4 weeks! hopefully earlier, hopefully mine is as good as yours,
    One question though, how do you pee while standing up in that thing? i mean how do you line up your urethra with the center hole? (I’m circumcised as you are)

    Thanks for the advice!

    1. MasterMarc says:

      Hey, good luck with it Tom. It’s a great cage, and we discovered that you can tap it a bit smaller with a block of wood and a hammer if it’s not cozy enough. Be careful though, you can’t reverse that.

      I’ll have to let boy answer your peeing question. he does manage somehow. =)

      1. Tom Sheldon says:

        just got it, tried it for one hour so far…. one thing to add is that the ring, though it seemed small is rather comfortable….. peeing wasn’t really an issue but some tissue is needed to dry the front via gentle padding, especially if some precum accumulated at the head of the cage…
        one very noticeable feature is the extra weight compared to the plastic CB i’m accustomed to…

        hoping i can go one week or more in this thing without unlocking for cleaning! thanks for the tip


        1. boy denon says:


          you are welcome, hope you find it entertaining, if not super exciting.


    2. boy denon says:

      Hi Tom,

      it’s really hard to explain how to do that, just like how difficult it would to explain a particular practise of yoga. i think after awhile you yourself will find a way how to do that. Just like how a baby learn to stand on fours and walks.

      Good luck with your exploration.


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