Chastity for Abstinence and Chastity for Sexual Charge

A few clicks around Google or Reddit and you’ll probably notice that the idea of locking a male penis has radiated out into even vanilla circles.

The intention behind, and reasons for, chastity can be rather diverse. Your reasons may not be another person’s reasons, but you are nearly certainly not alone in your own motivations. If you are interested in other’s experiences with chastity, check out some of the Reddit discussion over here, here, here and here.


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Removing the activities related to sex and/or the desire of sex from everyday life may be desired by some. Sexual desire can be confusing and troubling for some people. Being locked in chastity and leaving the key somewhere inaccessible can be quite calming. Out of sight, out of mind. You don’t have to deal with your desire to get involved in sexual activities and having to plan for your sex. The key is at home, or with someone else, and there is one less thing on your mind or to worry about.

For partners, it can be a device purely for the purpose of trust. You are going out for a business trip, holding the key to your partner’s is connecting you with a symbolic (and real) ownership. He can’t even walk to porn while you are away. Here might be a real life example on Reddit.

As for some who derives pure spirituality out of abstinence, chastity lifestyles are somehow common in certain religious practices. Check out Christianity and chastity practices here. This emerges from the idea of abstinence (not just from sexual activities, but entertainment activities of all sorts that are deemed as distractions) to aid in achieving a high focus on the individual and God. That kind of spirituality may also be part of the integral part of your Master and slave dynamic, depending on what kind of dynamic you are in. Some kinksters take their power exchange to the extent where worshiping a Master doesn’t differ much from worshiping a religious God. There are more writings about Paganism and BDSM here if you are interested. The idea is that by having all parts of your sexual desire entwined with your Master, that energy can be channeled into the power exchange of servitude, loyalty, honesty, devotion, and all the other submissive elements that feed into the M/s or D/s relationship.


There are different levels of, and different interest in, thrills and arousals for locked guys. The most common thrill usually centres on delayed gratification.

Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.

chastityunderwearWanking every day to the same porn can quickly become boring, just like eating the same dinner for a month. Some chaste males enjoy having their dick locked up for a few days, just so that they can experience that build up in testosterone, libido and sexual explosion. For a better experience, some choose a smaller chastity device so they can feel the pressures of denial during their erection. You’re putting that gourmet dish as near to your mouth as possible while wearing a big fat mouth gag. It probably feels like being in puberty again, where you are having intense sexual eagerness but are restrained from actually participating in your sexual fantasy.

Tease and denial through chastity is quite often linked with power exchange in the BDSM community. We are already tuned into the idea of ownership, property, authority, control and demand. Chastity activities just bring the fantasy/reality of ownership and property to another level. Having your dick locked by your Master/Mistress is like giving your male dignity up for another person to have fun with. Now, if you want to get the key, you have to try and beg for it and what do you have to trade to get your male dignity back?

Heightened anal stimulation is also common reasons people like to get their dick locked up in a chastity device. Our biological sensors are very interesting to explore. If you are blindfolded, your focus shifts to other senses. If you are immersed in total sensory isolation, your focus shifts to your psych. In chastity, when your hands are away from your dick, focus shifts to the prostrate or G-spot. Some chaste males put themselves in chastity so that they can heighten the experience of anal orgasm, prostrate milkings or other forms of anal stimulation. Such heightened anal sensory stimulation is sometimes adopted into the Femdom or fisting communities. A common Femdom exchange is the Dominatrix with (various sized!) strap-on dildos. In the fisting community the focus is on anal training.

The level of authority and power derived from chastity play can be quite brutal, depending on the structure of the cage. Some cage are so small that it is less than half the length of your thumb (check the link here if you don’t believe me). Some cage comes with spikes, urethra sounding, and locking mechanisms for PA piercings. For those who want torment with their chastity, it’s easily available. This undoubtedly feeds into the D/s dynamic or M/s power exchange.

The thrills and reasons for chastity derive from many different roots. Feel free to comment and add your own additional thrills and reasons if i have missed something out. And, we ourselves may get a variety of different things out of chastity, or our reasons for chastity may change over time, just as other sexual desires, eagerness, and psych does in our daily life.

For some, chastity may be part of the power exchange, for some it is a pure abstinence tool, for some it is for spiritual purposes. Whether it is an explosion of hotness in tease and denial, or attention to servitude, it is up to you to decide why you are into chastity play, keep the key safe and enjoy our (kinky) human nature.


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