This Week in Kink, December 9, 2017

Some polyamorous couples each have other partners, but for those in triad (or larger) relationship configurations, one problem you may not have considered is the size of an average bed. Even king-sized beds are tight for three adults. The Ace Collection markets its mattresses as being great for families that co-sleep with their little ones, but they’re perfect for poly families too. King-sized mattresses are normally 76″ wide, but  the Ace will comfortably sleep three across at 108″, and the Ace Family will sleep four across at 144″.

“Pharmaceuticals are a good, clean, honest business focused on getting cheap medication to customers”, said nobody, ever.

When Viagra first came out 25 years ago, Pfizer had an exclusive patent and each dose could easily cost USD70 or more. When the exclusivity ran out 15 years ago, and competition like Cialis came on the market, the price went down a little, but each little blue (100mg) pill still costs around USD40, which is enough to make your libido plummet at the cash register.  In April 2020, the US patent expires completely, and as quickly as the FDA can approve them, you can expect to see generic versions on the market, so there’s not much time left for Pfizer to milk its cash cow (which raked in about $1.6 billion for them globally in 2016).

That probably explains why we regularly read PR-planted articles about how unsafe generic medication is, bought from “unscrupulous websites who may be mixing it with plaster of paris or even arsenic”. Every generic pill sold online is money out of Pfizer’s pocket. It also explains why they’ve been applying as much pressure as possible on the UK and the EU over the past 10 years to allow direct pharmacy sales. Finally, that has paid off, and from Spring 2018 you’ll be able to buy 50mg pills over the counter in the UK for £5 each, after a quick chat with your friendly pharmacist. That’s only USD13.50 for 100mg, so it’s a significant step-down in price.

To kind of cover-up the price drop, Pfizer is releasing the 50mg pills under separate branding called “Viagra Connect”, though the formulation is identical. It’s probably safe to speculate that Viagra Connect will hit other markets around the same time, if Pfizer wants to avoid having some very pissed off customers in prime markets like the US, Asia and the rest of the EU. Australia is already asking why they can’t get it too.

Vice Magazine has the uncanny skill of unearthing the stories you just can’t look away from, and this week they report that A Priest Used Jesus’s Butt as a Time Capsule. Apparently, art restorers in Spain were working on an old wooden statue of Christ when they discovered that a priest named Joaquim Minguez from the cathedral of Burgo de Osma in Central Spain had hidden a handwritten account of what life was like around 1777 inside the icon. There’s a video on the site showing the art restorers recovering the note.

Apparently, Santaphilia — a fetish for Santa, is a real thing, and Metro explores it in What you need to know about having a Santa fetish. It’s not just men who have a thing for Saint Nick either. A mall Santa confesses that, on average, one woman a night whispered in his ear what she was going to do to him when he “came down her chimney” on Christmas Eve.

If you haven’t read Guy Talese’s story of his meetings with Gerald Foos, who bought a hotel and then installed secret “viewing vents” in order to watch his guests have sex, it’s a riveting and slightly disturbing tale. Is Mr Foos a deranged voyeur, or somehow sane and scientific in his approach to his fetish? You’re about to get the chance to ask this, and to question who the voyeur is in the relationship, now that Netflix has released Voyeur, a documentary of the meeting.

PinkNews reported this week that four gay men are facing 16 years in prison after being arrested for pictures they posted on Facebook of their BDSM sessions. Apparently, the pictures did not show genitals, but police say it contravenes laws related to “dissemination of videos and photos of sexually immoral content”.

It’s the latest in a series of crackdowns in the (mostly) Islamic country. In November, police also arrested 58 people in a raid on a gay sauna. In May, two men were given 83 strokes of the cane for gay sex, just a day after 141 men were arrested in the capital Jakarta for having a “gay sex party”.

If you’re an Amazon shopper and you’re looking for a way to give back to the kink community that will do a lot of good but cost you absolutely nothing, the AmazonSmile program can now donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to The Leather Archives and Museum. The donation comes out of Amazon’s pockets, not yours. All you have to do is nominate them as your charitable organization of choice.

If you’re a fan of biographies and you’re looking for a good book to curl up with on a rainy day in your leather pyjamas, check out The Mayor of Folsom Street: The Auto/Biography of “Daddy Alan” Selby aka Mr. S. Giving a unique inside look into the character and personality of one of San Francisco’s most colorful figures, Dr. Jordy Jones offers a biography of the man, who emigrated from London to San Francisco to become world famous as the owner of the Mr. S Leather store and a key figure in the San Francisco gay community during the AIDS crisis. The second part of the book is an autobiography constructed from Selby’s own journals.

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