This Week in Kink, January 20, 2018

image: Neil Bruce Lavey

According to New York Post, this year “Daddy” is the new MILF, and it has nothing to do with incest kink. In Parental Figures, Femdom Resource notes that while “Mommy” may be used in roleplays, it is seldom used in the same abstract way as “Daddy”, and wonders why that is?

Kiiroo and OhMiBod offered a glimpse of how the future of internet-enabled interactive sex will be at CES2018 last week, showing off a matched pair of vibrator and flesh-light with bi-directional control. Both are available online, with the OhMiBod Fuse vibrator costing $150 and the Kiiroo Launch flesh-light going for $220. Engadget has an interview online with representatives of the two companies, to discuss how it works.

Thailand as a destination for some nip/tuck work has long been an open secret in the transgender community, but an increasingly popular procedure in Thai cosmetic clinics is skin-lightening of the groin area. Agence France-Presse interviewed a manager at Lelux Hospital, which gets 100 customers a month for the laser whitening treatment. It costs around $650 for five sessions.

It opens the possibility of a rejuvenating couple-holiday. The same hospital stirred controversy last year with their “3D Vagina” surgery, which uses 3D imaging and a patient’s own body fat to create “fuller, plumper and younger-looking vaginas”.

Bria Kam (left) and Chrissy Chambers recording a video for the BriaAndChrissy YouTube channel

The Guardian has an indepth look at how YouTube content producer Chrissy Chambers battled and won copyright of (and the right to take down) revenge porn videos posted by an ex. She is the first person to take a case like this through the UK legal system and win.

After she broke up with the man who posted the videos, Chrissy became a lesbian YouTube star with her partner Bria Kam. By the time she became aware of the videos they had been online for 18 months and had already spread to 37 different porn sites and been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. What followed was a deliberate campaign to spread the links to discredit her, which caused droves of fans to unsubscribe from their YouTube channel, damaging their brand and livelihood.

The battle isn’t over. Ownership of porn sites is murky and it is difficult getting the videos taken down everywhere. But, it does set a welcome legal precedent for others who might be dealing with the nightmare of revenge porn.

feature image: Chrissy Chambers

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