This Week in Kink, January 6, 2018

Shock, horror! It’s not all zip-up hoodies and Segways in tech startup culture. The story that seems to be everywhere this week is the drug-fueled sex parties of Silicon Valley, revealed in an extract from Bloomberg TV reporter Emily Chang’s about to be released book Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley. Describing a typical party, she says:

Guests arrive before dinner and are checked in by private security guards, who will turn you away if you’re not on the list. Sometimes the evening is catered. But at the most intimate gatherings, guests will cook dinner together; that way they don’t have to kick out the help after dessert. Alcohol lubricates the conversation until, after the final course, the drugs roll out. Some form of MDMA, a.k.a. Ecstasy or Molly, known for transforming relative strangers into extremely affectionate friends, is de rigueur, including Molly tablets that have been molded into the logos of some of the hottest tech companies.

image: Devil’s Skin by Poly Nor

We’re already starting to see some Men’s Health’s 8 Mindblowing Sex Trends We’ll See in 2018 in the media, so they’re probably not all that mindblowing. It seems you couldn’t open a magazine towards the end of 2017 without reading about anal sex, so that fascination with butts is likely to continue. Men’s Health also thinks this year will be the year for ultra-realistic sex dolls,  more high-tech sex machines, more remote-controlled technology for people in long-distance relationships and high-quality sex toys becoming more affordable.

LELO’s predictions for the Top Sex Trends of 2018 are more interesting.  They include Respect and Consent, and 3D printed sex toys.

And, likely to continue into 2018 and beyond, it turns out that “polyamory” was the 4th most googled relationship term in 2017. Kinkly reports that Dr Nicole Prause, a researcher in human sexuality neuroscience, isn’t convinced that the surge in interest is actually reflected in an increase in non-monogamous relationships.  She estimates that less than 3% of relationships are actually polyamorous.

Paris-based FinDomme Theodora doesn’t just accept Bitcoin, she teaches her paypigs to mine it for her.

PayPal and Patroen make it hard for sex workers to accept payment, so accepting crypto-currencies is a norm for a professional dominatrix, and Theodora has been accepting them as payment for so long that she now holds more than $1 million worth of them. For the past couple of years, she has also been running something called “Theodora’s Crypto Slave Farm”,  where her clients put the resources of their computer to work for her, earning small amounts of currency from mining which is then diverted to her account.

image by Maleonn

In our continuing journey into collective madness, a teacher in Utah has been fired for showing his art class students postcards of famous classic works, some of which featured nudes. Mateo Rueda took the postcards from the school library to teach his students about colour theory, and was reported to the police by one of the parents for exposing their child to “pornography”.

A new study, published in the science journal Intelligence, suggests that sapiosexuality (sexual attraction to intelligence) is a real kink, but it works in a unique way. In the small study of 383 participants, the desirability of a prospective partner and IQ of the prospective partner correlated, but peaked at an IQ of 120 (90th percentile) and then drops a bit for intelligence higher than that.  The researchers estimate that between 1% and 8% of 18 to 35-year-olds may be sapiosexual.

Feature image: The Shadow is My Lover, The Heart is the Enemy (2013) by Chinese photographer Ma Liang (Maleonn)

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