This Week in Kink, February 10, 2018

image from Vice: a screen from Romanian cam site

You might have noticed that a lot of the “dominatrix spam” you see on Fetlife, or phishing you get on dating sites, comes from the Eastern Bloc.

A combination of 3 factors have made Romania a major player in the sexcam industry: poverty, an abundance of unemployed (and good looking) young people who speak English, and exceptionally high-speed internet. Around 15% of young people in Romania are unemployed, and the country’s monthly minimum wage is just USD327, so a lucrative contract with one of the country’s estimated 5,000 studios is an attractive offer. A popular model can earn thousands of dollars a day.

Vice took a look Behind the Scenes of Romania’s Booming Sexcam Industry this week, and talked to some of the studio owners and models about what it takes to be successful

The Gay UK reported last week that There is Now a K in LGBTQQICAPF2K+. The K, of course, stands for “kink”, and the comments to the article are a mixed reaction. Some think the initialism should represent sexual orientations and gender identities, and that kink (which is not inherently non-cis or non-straight) is an outlier that should not be included.

A common reaction though, was “who decides this stuff?”

The Gay UK doesn’t say, but tracing back their link to a Quora discussion, it seems it first appeared in an MTV Pride article. Hardly an authority. So, if you lost track after the first Q, you’re still in good company.

When nominees for Best Action/Thriller include Agent 69, An Inconvenient Mistress and Pussy or Lead, and categories include Best BDSM Movie and Best Anal Sex Scene, you know you’re not watching The Oscars.

The 35th AVN Awards were held last week in Las Vegas, and it sparkled as usual, but Vice Magazine reports that there was a dark side to the event in Sex, Death, and Social Media at the Annual Porn Awards. Five female porn stars have died in the past three months, and artists in the industry in the US are starting to call it a crisis.

New York Post reports that a new survey by sex toy brand EdenFantasys of 2000 Americans has found that the top 5 things on everyone’s want-to-try list this year are:

  • Sex toys (30 percent)
  • Rough sex (18 percent)
  • Role play (17 percent)
  • Anal sex (16 percent)
  • Submission / Dominance (14 percent)

In general, it seems that our bedrooms are pretty kinky. 29% of us are into roleplay, 24% are into spanking, 22% are into bondage and 8% of us like SM.

The Crave Portrait Project has been popping up everywhere this week, I think because it’s very successful at presenting a positive picture of the community. It hasn’t been a great 6 months for sex and sexuality, with #metoo, and this is a happy and empowering presentation of dual images of people in their kinky gear and regular clothes. It’s about pleasure, identity and people comfortable in being who and what they are.

The photos were taken during 2017’s Folsom Street Fair by Michael Topolovac. He’s the founder and CEO of luxury sex toy brand Crave, which is headquartered on Folsom Street. During the fair he invited people in to have their portrait taken, and then followed up later for another photo in their daily wear.

Check out the 30 photosets here.

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