This Week in Kink, February 24, 2018

Men should eat meat, blackbirds and sparrows to “make the seed abound” before engaging in “conjugal embraces to invigorate mutual desires”. Ladies wanting a boy should lie on their right hand side after sex or on their left for a girl. When you do get pregnant, beware of ‘greedy longings for things that are contrary to nutriments’ such as “coals, rubbish, chalk, hob-nails, leather, man’s flesh and horse flesh”. And, I’m not sure how this advice is going to go down in these #metoo times, but man is “the wonder of the world, to whom all things are subordinate” and his seed should be seen as a “divine gift abundantly endued with vital spirit”.

That’s just some of the advice in 300 year of Aristotle’s Masterpiece Completed In Two Parts, The First Containing the Secrets of Generation. It also seems that the authors were so concerned with the idea of ‘women’s unnatural lying with beasts’ they included multiple woodcut illustrations of the creatures born from such unions, which is probably why the book was banned until the 1960s.

Hanson’s Auctioneers in the UK will be putting it on the block on March 27 and it has an estimated value of between £80 and £120.

Sorry straight guys, there’s a saying in the gay community that all men are flexible after a few drinks. It’s partly a joke, and partly wishful-thinking, but a new study hints that it might be partly fact. The sample size was only 51 men and 32 women, so don’t read too much into the results, but researchers at Wayne State University and Western Illinois University planted themselves outside bars in a “Midwestern town in the United States and showed participants pictures of an attractive man and an attractive woman drinking alone at a bar.

Women’s interest in hooking up with the fictitious individual at the bar increased with each drink (the woman had) regardless of that individual’s gender—despite the fact that all women in the study identified as heterosexual.

By contrast, men’s interest in hooking up with fictitious others remained stable with each drink when that fictitious other was a female. (In other words: alcohol had an insignificant effect upon a male’s willingness to sleep with a woman. They wanted to just as badly, regardless of their sobriety level.) Men’s willingness to experiment with another male sitting at the bar, however, was responsive to alcohol—meaning: the more men in the study drank, the more open they became to having some type of sexual encounter with a man.

Polyamorous and looking for some positive representation on the small screen? A couple of weeks ago, BBC Scotland aired a one-hour documentary called Love Unlimited and it’s viewable online (if you’re in the UK or can spoof a UK address) until March 7.

The show’s website says:

Love Unlimited features polyamorous relationships of many kinds. Noni is a young woman with two boyfriends, Kima and Toms are a bisexual couple in an open relationship, and Ross, Iain and Pav are a trio of gay men in a three-way polyamorous partnership. Jayne and Dom are very much in love but feel it’s important to keep their relationship open to the possibility of additional partners. What they all have in common is that they have rejected monogamy in favour of a more open and fluid approach to relationships.

The whole Harvey Weinstein affair is pretty squicky from beginning to end. Just looking at his photos is kind of squicky. Having something like that on top of you is the stuff nightmares are made of. The New York attorney-general finally got to filing a civil law suit against The Weinstein Company on February 11. Weinstein’s “vicious and exploitative” treatment of employees, coupled with the company’s failure to protect them, presented “egregious violations of New York’s civil rights, human rights, and business laws,” according to the lawsuit, which reveals that the whole organisation was riddled with cancer, sometimes not the fault of the employees.

Weinstein required executive assistants to arrange his sexual encounters, even directing them to “essentially badger women who refused or expressed reluctance,” according to the lawsuit. One group of these assistants kept copies of a document known as the “Bible” detailing a list of Weinstein’s “friends” and instructions on arranging his “personals,” or sexual encounters. Drivers for Weinstein in New York City and Los Angeles were required to keep condoms and erectile dysfunction injections in the car at all times, according to the lawsuit.

The future of the 200,000 square-foot S.F. Armory Building in San Francisco’s Mission District that was the home and film studio of has turned into something of a mystery. It has officially been sold for $65M to a company called SF Armory LLC, which is associated with the same Chicago property developer who set up the swishy Soho House Chicago. Soho House has 18 private clubs and hotels around the world and has been talking about opening in San Francisco. In fact, The San Fransisco Business Times had reported back in November that they were slated to take over the building. But, as soon as that report was published, Soho House began tweeting denials. It could have been bought for a different hotel. Right now, no-one is saying.

Feature image: Iain, Ross and Pav in Love Unlimited

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