This Week in Kink, March 24, 2018

In the People’s Republic of China there is no such thing as the truly “personal”. What you do in your life has the potential to be seen as “a possible influence on society”, and if that is seen as detrimental the consequences can be public humiliation, jail or even a death sentence.

Article 301 of China’s 1997 Criminal Law bans “group licentiousness”, and several provinces have reward schemes in place for reporting those engaged in swinging or polyamory. Like all laws in China, it can and is weaponised for political purposes, and SupChina tells the story of 53-year old academic Ma Yaohai 马尧海, charged and convicted for swinging in 2010.

…a banner period for sex scandals in China. There was a slew, each seeming to top the previous: the Xinjiang sheriff who hired 31-year-old twin sisters as mistresses; a Shanxi village chief with four wives and 10 children; a balding former railways minister who kept at least 18 girls and somehow worked his way through the entire female cast of a Dream of the Red Chamber remake, filmed solely for his benefit; then the fatal car crash of then-President Hu Jintao’s chief of staff’s illegitimate son, who plowed his Ferrari into a Beijing embankment at 3 a.m. with two women, one naked and another half-undressed, sharing the front seat.

If you hang out in (online or offline) BDSM communities a lot, you’ll discover that submission is discussed often and in great detail, but Domination is looked at much less. Perhaps it’s because it can be much harder to explain. Ask a Dominant or Sadist why they do what they do and the answers can be vague. It’s often something about controlling and creating feelings for your partner and then riding that wave, but that really doesn’t explain it.

Author of BDSM – A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Erotica, Ayzad, thinks he’s found the answer in Reaching for Divinity – Why do dominants do BDSM anyway?

I have grown to believe the answer indeed lies in the unique, rush of being able to just do whatever you please – no matter how deviant or “immoral” it may be – because you can.

The internet answers all our burning questions, and if one of yours has always been “I wonder how big the Mario Brothers’ dicks are?” then yes, they’ve answered that question too. We know from old manga that Mario has one, but using the new high-res Mario Tennis Aces, investigations have become even more intrusive and reveal that Luigi is probably around 3.7″ flaccid. It should be noted that the calculation does not take account of any partial erection Luigi may have had at the time.

The bible tells us that plastic pleasure partners are a sin. OK, it might be hard to find the specific passage in the good book, but using sex dolls is certainly against Christian morality and ethics, according to Godfridah Sumaili, head of Zambia’s newly created Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs:

Being a Christian nation, obviously we are anchored in Christian principles and one of the values is morality and ethics… The use of sex dolls is definitely in contradiction to our natural heritage and our principles. The law actually forbids anybody to trade (in) and to use such objects — and so this is why we are saying for Zambians that this is a very unnatural thing.

The statement was prompted by some recent media articles about sex dolls being imported into Zambia from Asia, and a crackdown is currently underway, with police investigating.

It’s not actually a big surprise in a country where homosexuality is punishable with up to 14 years in prison, and sex shops are illegal. But what might be a surprise to the government, which has long used “conservative societal values” as a tool of oppression, is that citizens are not as quiet and conservative as they might have been in the past. The crackdown on sex dolls has sparked fierce debate about human rights and has become a hot talking point. The Patriots for Economic Progress, a fringe liberal party in Zambia, claims the government’s attitude to sex dolls reflects its increasingly authoritarian tendencies under President Edgar Lungu.

The UK government has confirmed that a controversial compulsory age verification check for online porn visitors will not be ready for implimentation in April, as previously announced, and will now start “later in the year”.

At this time the British Board of Film Classification, which is regulating the checks, still hasn’t announced how the process will work or how it will safegard users’ privacy.

La Otra by Felix D’Eon

If you hang out on polyamory forums it’s easy to get the impression that communication is the only key to success, and that it’s a sure path to being in charge of your liberated, actualised self. It’s rare to read a warts-n-all personal account, so Elf Lyons’ What I Learned When I Got Polyamory ‘Wrong’ is essential reading if you want to know how (very) hard it can be.

Despite the chilled vibes that many experienced poly couples give off, chilled is what polyamory definitely is not. It is a convulsing, emotional, rocky road of elation, extreme highs and extreme lows. It can be amazing, but it can be destructive – physically and mentally.
…I was relaxed and happy, and gave the impression of complete calm. But was I? No. I was stressed, I had my own shit on. I definitely wasn’t jealous or angry, was I? Definitely not. That would get my poly badge taken away. If I showed jealousy then I had failed. What was wrong with me? These feelings should have been expelled from my body by now. I was one with the world. Full of energy and love for ALL.
Feature image by Rinaldo Hopf

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