The Origins of Shibari Japanese Rope Bondage – For Pain and Pleasure

By Morgan IS IT HOJOJUTSU, SHIBARI OR KINBAKU? The most widely used term for Japanese rope bondage now is “shibari”, which is actually a (correct) alternative pronounciation of the Japanese written characters for Hojojutsu. The same Japanese character can be read in different ways, and Shibari and Hojojutsu (捕縄術) both look the same when written….

Correctional Training: Is Your Slave a Piece of Dirt?

by Morgan There are many ways to “train” a slave—to enjoy man-to-man power and sexual relationships. The most publicised and most visible modus operandi is that of the all-powerful and all-knowing Master who is able to direct, dominate and control the entire world occupied by the slave, who in turn fantasises himself a piece of…