Chastity – A Practical Guide for the Long Distance Keyholder

In a good world we wouldn’t have geographical separation to cope with, but it is what it is and sometimes we have to incorporate distance as an element in what we do.

I’m going to share the system of long-distance chastity that we use. I’m sure it’s not the only way, but it works for us.

The key goes in an envelope. An office window-faced envelope is a great idea so You can see the key. Then boy writes date, time and “property of…” along the seal. Over the top of this you might want to put some clear box-tape.

First thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, boy sends me a photo of my locked property via phone message (we use Whatsapp).  In the morning he sends two… one from a wider perspective so I can see his handsome face and one closer using his iPad home-screen to show the date. In the evening he sometimes includes the sealed envelope in the picture. The general rule is to be creative and not bore me with the same photos every day.

Our chastity arrangement is long-term, so we are not counting down to negotiated dates, but yours might be for fixed periods. Sometimes boy hits the edge and the feelings get intense. he has permission to beg me for short term release. If I’m feeling kind I give him a get-out-of-jail-free release, and if I’m feeling a bit stricter I negotiate a penalty payment.

If you’re using a steel or silicon male chastity device then they’re not 100% secure and some element of trust is involved. There is the possibility of an incage-cum or spoiled orgasm, which is basically jerking off with the cage on. If he hits the edge and you don’t want to unlock the cage, then allowing an incage-cum can be an effective release.

If you’re using a steel cage you probably won’t have difficulty with hygiene, but boy is under strict orders to tell me if there’s any rashes, chafing or other health concerns.

Your mileage is going to vary on this, and it depends largely on what you believe. Many websites will tell you that prostrate milking is necessary for long term chastity. I’m not a doctor, but I believe that the body will take care of itself and if it needs to rebalance it will do that through a wet dream. Yes, it does happen. If you’re really going long-term then google it and decide for yourself whether you’re going to include prostrate milking in your routine or not.

We actually use two male chastity devices… a steel one (usually) and a plastic one for travel. Instead of a lock, we use a cable tie on the plastic one.

It happens occasionally, but it’s just a fun game. I trust that boy would never cheat. Occasionally I’ll send him a “show me now” message and he’ll need to find a public toilet or quiet spot to snap a pic.

We’ve used the same lock for a while, although showers are much kinder to steel chastity devices than they are to locks and they do need to be regularly replaced. I have a key and boy keeps a key. The point of our chastity is that he is locked when he is away, so when he is with me I unlock him with my key (or snip his cable tie). When he leaves I lock him back up again.


We’ve integrated chastity into our TPE and it works really well for us. If you have any questions then please do leave a comment or hit us up with the contact form. We’re happy to share.

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  1. Brad says:

    I am looking for a keyholder… are you willing… i am currently locked in a stainless steel device and have been for 3 weeks… i am looking for permanent Chastity and need a keyholder who is willing to actually accept my key… i want a key to my device in the USA… are you interested???

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