Assume the Position

Position training is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A set of body positions that are taught, corrected and memorised.

It fits with some people’s style and it’s a turn-on, for others it’s as interesting as washing the dishes. You’ll know if it’s for you or not.

I’ve heard it talked about in terms of Old Guard Leather positions, but I’ve never seen any evidence that such protocol ever existed. Most commonly it’s associated with Gorean lifestyle.

Those who incorporate it into their lifestyle will talk about some benefits. It’s obviously an abbreviated way for a Dom to maneuver a sub’s body into the position he wants, but less obviously it’s also a way for Him/Her to direct changes in the sub’s head-space. Positions are physical, but they are attached to meaning. In the same way that forcing yourself to smile can actually make you happy, a position like the Gorean Bracelets carries a certain head-space with it.

There are a lot of Gorean slave positions, and I personally don’t find many of them useful, but there’s a poster of 12 positions in our free downloads that I think includes the best of them. I’ve included some links below where you can find more comprehensive information on other Gorean slave positions.

If you’re interested in how position training can be incorporated into a much wider set of M/s protocols and rituals, take a look at how it’s done in The House of Fadarainn.


• Cram – Gor Slave Position Flashcards
• The Oasis of Two Scimitars – The True Male Slaves of Gor
• Restrained Elegance – The Restrained Elegance Lexicon of slavegirl Positions

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