Is Your Potential slave a Fraud?

by ijm

“Wanted – strict Master to use & abuse this bootlicking, pain-craving pigslut as Your 24/7 slave. No limits or safe words. Make me Your pierced and tattooed boy.”

Over the past few years i’ve run across many different advertisements posted by “eager to please” slaves on the Internet only to find that many are only into cyber slavery with digital pics and racy stories.

Very few are actually interested in connecting in person, and even disconnect the moment you suggest they meet. And when they do get together, most aren’t who they say they are. The vast majority are really bottoms or weekend slaves who only play the role in the sexual arena.

Now, i’m not actually faulting those people who are not 24/7 slaves because they aren’t. No, i am faulting them for not being honest or upfront about that fact. It’s akin to saying that you are a 19 year old BB sex stud surfer with looks to kill, only to be exposed as a 63 yr bespeckled tub of… (a tad overweight!) who works in the Post Office in Wisconsin, except that it takes more of the prospective Master’s time to find out the 24/7 bit! He actually has to spend time with the slave to find out that it’s not: a slave that is.

Of course, one might say that a slave is a slave when the right Master comes along. Well, that could be true to some extent – after all, passion and sexual desire really do play a major role in slavery, just as servitude and submission. But, there are basic slave traits that one has or one doesn’t. Slaves are born, then nurtured, but not necessarily bred, contrary to a lot of opinion out there.

i’m actually reminded of a Star Wars flick where droids are designed for certain functions to make a point here – one can’t just re-program a protocol droid to become an excellent mechanic. It’s what it is from day one and, although a “skilled technician” (i.e. a Master) can increase its programming, one can’t change the basic function of that droid, or a slave, bottom, boy, whatever.

But getting back to Your slave being a fraud. Problem is that most boys have lots of aspirations and dreams, but not very much common sense. Yet, instead of recognizing their limitations and being honest about it, they choose to ignore their inner feelings & drives and state that they are “real” slaves ready for permanent servitude only to find themselves disillusioned and resentful a few weeks after entering slavery.

It’s sad, but true. Then, either they come to an arrangement with their Masters and adjust to a new life, or (as is usually the case) the “relationship collapses with lots of recriminations all around.

Unfortunate, and something which makes for a lot of jaded men. Mind you, the same can be said for so called “Masters” who deceive themselves as well as their prospective slaves. Again, instead of being honest and say what imitations They have or the fact that, as a Master, They don’t exist in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship, these Guys inflate Themselves ultimately to Their own detriment. Especially so when what They say grossly exaggerates what They actually do. Lying only diminishes, never strengthens, a relationship and, as a Master, They should know that!

“Fraud IS fraud,” no matter who perpetrates it. But i’m not really talking legal definition here, nor a strict construction of the word. What i’m really meaning is serious lying about oneself and the effect it will have on relationships with other people, whether it be with a Master or a slave. i’m talking about creating a false expectation and a future which isn’t founded on honesty and trust.

And trust, after all, is the most important element in any relationship, especially so in a Master/slave relationship where physical interaction is at a heightened level. If a slave can’t trust a Master to keep him safe, well… …and a Master who doesn’t trust a slave isn’t about to allow him to discharge the responsibilities that a slave needs to for him to be a slave.

In closing, both prospective slaves (& Masters) need to be honest with themselves first, find out what they really want in a relationship, whether it be a Master, slave, Daddy, boy, or (??), and then have the drive and determination to see it through to a successful conclusion.

While there’ll always be lots of fakes and phonies out there, be true to yourself and i think you will not be disappointed. After all, we can’t determine how long we live, so use the time we have wisely and make your S/M relationships count for something positive.

About the Author

SMP1This article, by ijm, first appeared in S/M Perspectives (Vol 1, Issue 1), independently published in Vancouver by Rainfall Press in 2003. It was originally written for Vancouver Activists in SM.

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