The Secret Transgression of an Undercover Lover

Everyday life can get a bit mundane and humdrum. Stuff that used to give us challenge or put a spark in our day gets repeated over and over again, and becomes less interesting. It happens in relationships too.

One technique to give you a tingle throughout the day is to add a secret. A layer of sensation under cover, between lovers.

In its simplest form, let’s look at it as an object that we secretly wear under our clothes. It could be jewellery, perhaps an earring or pendant if you’re not very daring. Or for those of us who are slightly deviant, perhaps a buttplug, collar, or chastity. If you have particular kinks, it might be cross-dressing, rubber, a leather jock-strap or metal shackles.

Ideally, the Master would give an order to the slave, of His preferences regarding what secret objects His slave should wear to amuse Him. However, i am sure sexy suggestions are usually welcome from the slaves.

In public, perhaps during a walk in the park, as You pass by all those people, You know Your slave is wearing that very tight rubber under his clothes. It generates a kind of shared vibe and a reminder that Your life is far from ordinary, and it feels sexy.

Dial the vibes up or down depending on the intensity of what you are wearing under your clothes. It could be intense or mild. That intensity is actually a kind of Power Exchange, even in public where power exchange can sometimes be difficult to achieve or amplify.

The thrill of transgression can be yours alone, or it can be shared, but either way it can add some lovely colour to your day. Whether it’s a big diaper bulge underneath your pants, or a burning rope harness underneath a crisp white shirt, you’re trying to stay in the shadows but flirting with the possibility that people will find out.

And if it’s not enough of a thrill, perhaps you can slip into an alleyway or toilet and take some sexy selfies for your Master so He can see what you’re hiding.

You get the idea, now be creative!

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