Illustrated Guide – Types of Collars


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This is the first in a series of illustrated guides. If you’d like to follow them, then later ones will be here.

Collar: Any symbol used to represent that a submissive or slave is Owned. Often an actual Collar, but can also be anything from a anklet to a bracelet to whatever the “couple” decides it to be.


Collared: The state of a submissive or slave who is the consensual partner of a Master or Owner, usually in a long-term relationship. Sometimes referred to as Owned.


Collaring: 1. The formal acceptance by a Dominant of a submissive’s service. 2. A ceremony celebrating such an event. May be a simple act of commitment between two people, or a formal ceremony similar to a wedding.


It is a convention among some to capitalise the term “Collar” as a form of respect for the Ownership it symbolises.

FetLife BDSM Glossary

Collars usually signify committed Master/slave or Dominant/submissive relationships and are a respected symbol in the BDSM and leather communities. A boy in a bar with a collar on is a “no-go” for single Doms on the prowl, though an unlocked collar might be interpreted more as a “proceed with caution”.

play collar: 1. A collar used only in play or at BDSM events. A play collar does not signify that the submissive or slave is owned but may signify that s/he is committed for the night or session. 2. A collar used for a specific type of play, as in a dog collar or any of a number of bondage collars.

FetLife BDSM Glossary

The term “velcro collar” is used in the community for collars worn only for uncommitted play, but be careful of how you use the term because it can be used in a barbed way to refer to subs with a reputation for short term relationships.


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