Holding a Cuckold Affirmation Ceremony

By cuck Steve

Couples already actively enjoying a cuckold related “lifestyle” may decide to make it more formal and official amongst their friends with a Cuckold Affirmation. The event should be held as a celebration of the Wife’s sexual freedom and the husband’s submission and devotion to his Wife’s pleasure. It should not be used as a way for a Wife to begin cuckolding her husband. A “cuckolding contract” would be a better option for this.

The ceremony would obviously include the Wife and Her cuckold husband. Based on the Wife’s preference, the following scenarios could be used;

• The Wife and husband are joined only by Her primary (only) boyfriend/stud.
• The Wife and husband are joined by several of Her regular studs.
• The Wife and husband stand together, none of Her studs are present or he/they are off to one side.
• There can be a maid or maiden of honor if the Wife chooses. This Woman could hold some things used in the ceremony.
• Another cuckold husband or sub‐male can serve as the “Ring Bearer” if desired or the “ring” or rings could just be kept on a small table until they are needed.

The basic idea is for parts of the Cuckolding Affirmation to follow many of the traditions of a standard marriage or vow renewal ceremony, reception and vacation or “honeymoon”, but now called a “Cuckymoon”. The Cuckymoon parallels the standard honeymoon but with particular emphasis on the Wife’s freedom to pursue sexual pleasure and the husband’s deference and submission to Her.

The vows should be tailored to suit the couple and primarily the Wife’s interests and lifestyle. Some lifestyle‐specific vows might include;

• The cuckold’s acceptance of his Wife controlling his orgasm by locking him in a chastity device.
• The Wife’s desire to have sex with two or more men at the same time.
• The cuckold’s agreement to perform most or all of the domestic chores for the Wife – so she has more free time.
• The Wife’s need for a lover who is better endowed then her cuckold.
• The cuckold status as the Wife’s sissy, slave, slut…etc.

We’ve uploaded a full and detailed description of Cuckold Affirmation with lots of ideas for the ceremony, Cuckymoon and life afterwards. It’s in the Contracts area of our free downloads in the sidebar, or you can download it here.


cuck Steve is an independent consultant in New York. he describes himself as “another p*ussy whipped husband”. Anyone with questions about the ceremony can contact him, and he’ll happily try to answer all enquiries. he would also like to hear from anyone that has held a ceremony. Find him on Google or email him directly.

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