When Sadists Go Wild – Berserking and a Different Kind of Top Frenzy

Berserk: Injuriously, maniacally, or furiously violent or out of control

Top frenzy (or Dom frenzy) usually describes that initial time of discovery of BDSM encounters, where the excitement of newly discovered pleasures leads to an “anywhere, anytime, anyone” mania. If you’re on any cruising site you’ll find plenty of it going around, along with its counterpart, subfrenzy.

Beserking is a different kind of frenzy.

Sadists face a dilemma when they play. They give pain for enjoyment, but they need to keep themselves in check. A scene needs to be safe, masochists need to be cared for and trust in the encounter comes from an understanding that the Sadist is thinking clearly and in control of themself.

How far a Sadist can let themselves go depends on the level of masochism of the person they are playing with, but to let go totally would be dangerous. There is always restraint.

A masochist described it to me as:

“That release for BOTH players is the ultimate turn-on for me, although getting there is fun as well! It’s a voyage of discovery in which the Sadist who is punishing me has to work with his own fear of freeing his angry and erotic emotions. I also have to let myself go so that I can go with the flow of the pain. This is powerful stuff!”

It’s a game of brinkmanship. The Sadist wants to “see red” and almost let themselves go completely, but maintain the safety and sanity of the scene.

There are a couple of things that can allow the Sadist to safely go further into their space:

Find the right partner. If you enjoy giving pain, find a masochist who welcomes receiving it to the same degree (and in the forms you like to give it).

Deep trust is built over time. This may seem obvious, but sadomasochism is a dance for two, and the more trust there is between the partners, the more the Sadist can let go. When your partner understands your pleasure, you can show it without it scaring them.

Ease the load on your conscious mind. Continuing the dance analogy a bit further, experienced partners are able to read the other, and to understand their physical and mental reactions better. Parts of the play become subconscious, and this gives the top the freedom to focus more on the pleasure and less on monitoring details of the scene.

A good Sadist will never let go 100%, but with good communication, familiarity and safewords they can loosen their grip on self-control to safely dip their toe in the red zone.

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