Illustrated Guide – Wax Melting Points


We’ve reblogged this illustration from Boyfriend and ExBoyfriend BDSM Gallery. He’s got great taste in NSFW pics too.

This is a regular series of illustrated guides. You can find the others here.

wax play: The top drips hot wax on the bottom. (See “fire and ice“) Safety note: It is important what kind of candle is used, as some have a much higher melting temperature than others, and can cause second-degree burns (blisters). Plain paraffin is best; for example, most ’emergency’ candles (which are also quite cheap). Scented, colored, “long burning”, “dripless” and beeswax candles can burn very hot.


”fire and ice” (see wax play): Play involving the use of hot wax alternating with ice or ice water.

FetLife BDSM Glossary


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  1. Rishavbhai says:

    I definitely don’t have this prboelm with Master. He seems to go out of his way NOT to please me. Not by doing a bunch of things to me I don’t want, but by not doing the few things I DO want that would actually get me aroused, so I could better enjoy the things HE wants.Anyway, what I actually wanted to say is . . . I completely understand your post. Joy wants to be dominated more than she wants to be pleased by the specific activities you choose.My question though is, are there specific activities that you want to do that she wouldn’t be ok with? I mean, you seem to be a nice guy, so I don’t imagine you wanting to do real awful things to her. Are there things you already do, but want to do at a higher intensity that you know she wouldn’t be ok with? Because, if there aren’t things you want to do that she doesn’t, then that kind of leaves you where you are. I can’t imagine you’d want to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do just to be forcing her to submit to things she doesn’t want to do.So if there are things you want to do, or want to do at a higher intensity, that you so far haven’t done, because you know she won’t like it, it would be interesting to hear what those things are.

    1. boy denon says:

      Hi Rishavbhai,

      Firstly, I am a bit confuse about how your comment is related to the article. All I hear is a comment that evolves around personal confusions, conflicts, and uncertainty. I can’t answer the questions that You have asked simply because there isn’t enough information to have a good picture of what is going on, I feel like Your problems revolving around communication negotiation between you and your partner(s). So my humble opinion would be, talk to your partner and find out how to move forward. It is a journey that is unknown, and need to be explored only by you and your partner.

      Happy reading,

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