What’s the Big Deal About Spanking Butts?

by Gene K

Admit it or not, we all would like to find some evidence of the existence of a caring deity, a God force in our world. For me, this evidence came in two forms.

The first was made manifest to me in my early twenties. Someone cut into an apple. Only this time they cut it crosswise, or horizontally. There inside was a perfect five-pointed star. Every apple has this. I was young and impressed. I believed I had just seen something of the order of the universe.

Not many years later, I came out and actively began sleeping with guys. Cock was nice, but I took that for granted. It was ass that I adored, lovely and round, each one telling its own unique and perfect story. But what most impressed me was the transition area at the bottom of the butt, where the upper leg joined the seat.

I would run my hand up and over some boy’s backside, letting my fingertips, with infinite lightness, trace where the cylinder-like shape of a thigh melded seamlessly into the delicious roundness of the ass. Who else, I realized, but a beneficent God could create such a thing? It all seemed so obvious.

Proof, you say. You need more proof. But that is so easy. Look at the shape of the human hand, how the palm effortlessly forms a gentle curve. Hold your hand board flat and stiff, and it is a strain; the whole hand soon starts to shake. But allow it to form to that natural curve of someone’s butt, and immediately all is right once again in the universe.

In sum, the hand was meant for spanking, just as the butt was meant to be spanked. The circle is closed, all is as it should be. The universe is good. Drop your pants and bend over.

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