Illustrated Guide – DIY Belt Handcuffs

2016-03-29 16.34.53-4

We’ve reblogged this illustration from Boyfriend and ExBoyfriend BDSM Gallery. He’s got great taste in NSFW pics too.

This is a regular series of illustrated guides. You can find the others here.

We all know belts make great impact tools, but they also make great restraining devices. Our magical treasure chest of bondage equipment is not always on hand, and sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got. It’s easy to make a set of DIY belt handcuffs, so why not add them to your skill set? You never know when you might need them.


• YouTube (ioanghip) – Secure Emergency Handcuffs
• Instructables – Belt Handcuffs
• Insane Word Count – Belt Handcuffs
• Holy Kaw! – How To Make Handcuffs Out Of A Leather Belt (video)

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