Watersports, and Why You Want a Bathtub in Your Next Home

by Fledermaus

When I first heard the term “watersports”, naive little me it was a l-o-n-g time ago, I thought of swimming, diving, water polo, beach balls, and other stuff like that.

It wasn’t many years later that I discovered that the water that the “WS” ads referred to was yellow and came from a quite handy human faucet. I discovered it was fun to get into, or more precisely, to get others into. Golden showers and watersports were synonyms.

Then I found out that men who played with large rubber bags and yards of hose and clamps and gallons of soapy water called their fun and games “watersports”. So, when I saw “WS” in an ad, I was never quite sure whether the advertiser was more interested in pumping yellow water out of one orifice, or pumping soapy water into another.

I hate to compound the problem, but over these same number of years, i have grown more and more interested in a BDSM activity that is neither piss nor enemas, though it can include at least elements of both, and for which I can find no other acceptable term except “watersports”.

I like to play in water. I mean this literally, more like my long ago naive definition of watersports. The bath tub, a hot tub, a swimming pool, the beach, even the shower. All can become interesting areas for BDSM play.


A typical bathtub scene might begin by tying the bottom’s wrists securely to his respective thighs, or putting on a rope body harness and lacing his arms down. Then we get into the tub and I arrange him in a comfortable position with as much of his body as possible under water, and his face safely above (small inflatable pillows equipped with suction cups are available at bath supply shops and are handy). He can be blindfolded with an Ace bandage and gagged with a rubber ball, or with some other media that can tolerate getting wet. Obviously, leather gear is not acceptable for this sort of watersports.

Usually, he is on his back and I am seated between his legs. His ankles may or may not be tied together behind my back. Before starting, I have placed all of the toys I might want well within reach so I don’t have to move during the scene. He is relaxed, the warm water is soothing. The water also serves to heighten his sensitivity.

I begin stroking, first with the hands, then with a mild abrasive such as a vegetable “sponge” or a soft brush. His chest, abdomen, crotch, thighs etc are all within easy reach, and vulnerable to me. After a few minutes, I move on up to stiffer brushes or to my “waterproof vampire gloves”, applying a variety of plastic or wooden clips to his tits, cock, balls, or wherever else the fancy strikes. (My waterproof vampire gloves are rubber gloves with very rough palms and fingers, used for pulling electrical cable – great toys, wet or dry).

Vasoline is an excellent underwater lubricant, both for playing with his cock and for greasing up his ass to receive dildos, your fingers, or whatever. If you want your lube to do double-duty, Vicks lubricates and stimulates at the same time. Just be careful not to use it on mucous membranes, like up the ass.

Catheters could be inserted. Whatever play you usually do that can be done in a confined space and isn’t damaged by water is fair game. Obviously, electricity is a no-no (you’d both end up fried!). And whipping doesn’t work well because the surface tension of the water deflects the strokes of anything but a firm cane or rod, and these are not too good on the front of the body. I do use a soft rubber hose for some cock flogging, since this usually hard member can easily be extended up out of the water for access. You can put his feet under his ass to elevate his hips for this, or to get better access to his asshole.

My favourite “tubbing” toy is the “water wand”, probably better known to most of you as a douche hose: you know, the kind attached directly to the plumbing and equipped with a long tube-like end. A wonderful toy for this type of watersports.

Adjust the water pressure and temperature, and use the hose underwater to stroke his body. Massage his nipples with the hose’s invisible currents. Gather his balls into the bottom of their sac, then torture them with the water pressure. Find the most sensitive spot on the head of his cock and massage it with water from the hose. Pass the stream of water back and forth across his asshole, teasing him.

Or, shoot a bit up into him. (Make sure though, he doesn’t release it unless he’s been cleaned out VERY well in advance, unless you’re both into brown hankies!) Keeping the water current at the same temperature as that in the tub will emphasise the pressure. Making it hotter or colder will create other sensations as well.

Since moving last year, we have a huge tub (an oval about 6′ x 4′), and one of our favourite play times has become “rub a dub dub”. I doubt that the old nursery rhyme intended the “three men in a tub” to do what we do, but I bet we have more fun!

If you haven’t tried this, you should!


VASM2002Tony DeBlase (1942-2000) was a longtime leather activist, co-founder of the Leather Archives and Museum, publisher of Drummer magazine and designer of the Leather Pride Flag. He was also a world expert on bats (hence his literary nom de plume Fledermaus). He was inducted into the Leather Hall of Fame in 2010, as “perhaps the most transformational figure in the history of the leather community”.

This article was first published in VASM’s Scene magazine, Vol 20, Issue 6, Sept/Oct 2002.

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