Butt-Plugging a Novice

by Hermes Solenzol

Buttplugs are very effective ways to put somebody into submissive mind space. Being penetrated is always an intimate sensation, and the use of an object adds an element of humiliation. Targeting the anus increases the feeling of intimacy and vulnerability, because of the taboos associated with it. Moreover, anal sensations tend to be stronger, at the same time pleasurable and uncomfortable, so that the attention is constantly drawn back to that most private place. Activities as simple as walking or sitting down become the source of startling sensations. A submissive wearing a buttplug finds it difficult to concentrate, a fact that the top can use to his advantage by giving her easy assignments that she may fail.

The best buttplugs are the ones made of silicone: the softness of the material works well for wearing for longer periods of time. It gives a little when the sphincter is contracted, encouraging the bottom to “fight” the plug, which increases the sensation and opens the anus by tiring the muscles. Size, of course, is of the outmost importance. A buttplug should be reasonably uncomfortable, but it should never hurt. In fact, anal play should be discontinued when pain is present, particularly if it is dull and achy. Doing otherwise can lead to an anal cramp, that can be painful enough to produce fainting. Small buttplugs do not have enough flare and are hard to keep in place. However, I don’t believe that bigger is better: the best buttplug is one with the same caliber of my cock, because buttplugging is often a prelude to anal intercourse, and we don’t want to unnecessarily spoil the pleasurable tightness of the anus, do we?

A cold buttplug is unsexy. I usually soak it in hot water to warm it up and soften it. An alternative is to put it inside the sub’s mouth. The sub is then given some light bondage and left to ponder the size of the object that will soon visit her rectum.

To insert the buttplug, the sub is made to lay bottom up on the bed or on the floor, making sure that she can relax. Tying up her hands and using a spreader bar can add a healthy element of helplessness and inevitability. A couple of pillows under the hips help open up the buttocks. We should not forget to also put a towel under the hips, because lube will get everywhere. The anus is lubricated and fingered, a process to which the sub should have been accustomed in previous sessions. The plug is then taken out of the water (or mouth) and thoroughly lubricated. Insertion should be done slowly and gently, taking time to enjoy the sub’s responses. The tip is inserted and then retrieved, gaining a little depth every time. The sub should be warned that there may be a bit of sharp pain when reaching the flare of the plug, and that she should warn us when that happens. The plug should then be pushed in a bit deeper until we receive such a warning. In that case, we repeat the process, perhaps indulging in a quick fucking motion from time to time. Eventually, the anus will relax enough to allow the flare to pass. For a novice, the first few seconds of wearing the plug can be a bit upsetting, and she should be comforted and massaged. Discomfort should not be an excuse to take the plug out, but pain and cramping should.

An adequate first buttplugging session should last anywhere between five and twenty minutes. It may be a good idea to make the sub sit on a stool or hard-bottom chair. She can be blindfolded and tied to the chair so she can better concentrate on the sensations from her anus. Further stimulation should be avoided, because distractions are counter-productive at this point. She should be instructed to fight the plug by squeezing it. Some concentration can bring into play the deeper muscles in the rectum, so that the plug can be felt in its full length. This type of training can be very useful to pleasure the dom during anal intercourse.


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HermesSolenzolBased in Los Angeles, California, Hermes Solenzol is a neuroscientist, and has been doing research on pain for several decades. In particular, he has been investigating endorphin release in rats. He has been a sadist for as long as he can remember and active in the scene for several decades.

Much of his writing is published in Spanish at Sexo, ciencia y espíritu, but there’s a great collection of articles on his English site, Sex, science and spirit. Along with a lot of BDSM wisdom, you’ll find thoughts on polyamory, communication, psychology and love.

He’s currently translating his first erotic novel from Spanish to English.

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