Illustrated Guide – Bruises

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We’ve reblogged the above illustration from Boyfriend and ExBoyfriend BDSM Gallery. He’s got great taste in NSFW pics too. The image below is by Arkham-Insanity who has a lovely gallery of spanking pics.

This is a regular series of illustrated guides. You can find the others here.

In the BDSM community, some people like bruises a lot, and some people have it as a strict hard limit. There are techniques to try to make the bruising deeper, and there are techniques for impact play that doesn’t leave marks, and we’ve got both in our further reading below.

Certainly everyone, Dom or sub, should learn a little about aftercare for cuts, abrasions and bruises. Bruises are generally the least problematic of these, and most of the time a bruise is just a visual reminder of the good time you had, but occasionally they’ll appear somewhere on the body that is genuinely painful or annoying.


• Dominant Life – A Guide to Bruising (making them deeper)
• A Submissive’s Journey – Some Tips on Preventing Bruises and Ways to Help Them Heal
• Submissive Guide – First Aid for Bruises, Abrasions and Other After-Play Marks
• Reddit – Bruising the Impossible to Bruise
• Cara Sutra – Dealing with Kinky Bites, Bruises and Marks on the Body
• Kinkopedia – How Do I Get Rid of Bruises Faster?
• Ask Sub Miss Ann – Marks: Causes and Aftercare
• A Submissive’s Initiative – Three Steps to the Care and Keeping of a Frequently Spanked Bottom
• Stefanos & Shay – BDSM Bullshit Part 1: Impact Play Over Bruises

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