Whips & Whipping 101, Part 10: A Word on Cuts for Whip Bottoms

By Jim the Whip Maker and Dick Carlson

Part 1: Bulls, Snakes & Other Scary Critters
Part 2: Swing & Target Practice
Part 3: Long Whips
Part 4: The First Crack
Part 5: The First Shot – The Full Overhand Shot
Part 6: The First Useful Shot – The Pick Up
Part 7: The Real Thing – The Single Side Shot
Part 8: For the Whip Top – Dealing with Your Whip Bottom
Part 9: For the Whip Bottom – Dealing with Your Whip Top

You will find that the sensation is quite different to that of a belt or strap. It is also different to a cat. A good whipper can deliver anything from a caress to a bacon slicer, and the feeling runs on the same scale. Except for the heaviest shots, the sensation is a sharp, surface sting, rather than the deeper pain of the belt. A steady, light whipping will raise a glow and sensitize the skin without leaving marks, while moderate blows will raise welts that last from a few hours to as long as three weeks.

For most folks, this is as far as they want to go. There is no risk of scars, even from the occassional slight cut. However, as with all BDSM, your skin will thicken and harden. Many of the slaves from years ago had backs so thick it was not possible to pinch the skin between finger and thumb. This is an extreme. However, the effect is more noticeable when whips are used.

Of course, if you are an experienced bottom, then your skin is most likely already tougher than normal. Naturally, as you toughen your scene gets stronger. Tops really like to see this progress; it’s a great encouragement.

whips_limitsIf you are into the stronger stuff and like to see good stripes, then you must expect cuts. The sensation from this point on is very intense indeed. If you go stronger from here, scars are possible. This has to be your decision. Don’t let the top decide for you. If you want to be able to handle a full-on bullwhipping and not be scarred, then you must exercise patience and develop a hide like old leather first. There are skin-hardening applications that you can use, such as witch hazel oil.

It may be that you have a particular senario for your scene or fantasy. I am addressing this to masochists because I feel the masochist has the most to gain from giving full rein to the imagination. If the scene fits, then you are going to go as far as you fancy.

Do not be afraid to be open to the Top about this, he may be like-minded. If this is important to you, and he has other ideas, it may be best to just let it go. Just because the guy sports a whip does not mean he won’t be civil about your preference. If you get a bad scene you may be put off from a great trip. Be pushy!


Just as an added point, there are a lot of people out there who would never dare go under the lash, but who would love to see it for real. If you are playing in a group, I guarantee a very excited audience which, if you respond to that, will raise the whole trip. If you keep the action within reason, you may convince an onlooker that this is OK, and a new whip bottom may be born. Good for you — we need them all!

As with all BDSM, mutual consent is necessary, but here it is vital at all points. Always be in contact. The Top must never try something new without Teddy’s prior approval. All of this contributes to safety, the most important point of all.

Never actually coerce or theaten something unwelcome. This is dangerous, illegal and could make the front page. If you both can get into your fantasy and make the scene go, it will all come true, and the reality can be much, much better than you imagined.

So, get cracking!


DungeonMaster33This article first appeared in DungeonMaster magazine, Number 33, September 1987 published by Desmodus Publications and edited by Fledermaus (Tony DeBlase).

Jim the Whip Maker and Dick Carlson taught this material as a course for the now defunct SandMutopia University, which was founded and operated by Tony DeBlase.

DungeonMaster was published from 1979 to 1992. After Tony DeBlase bought Drummer magazine in 1986, DungeonMaster became, in some ways,  the little brother of its more popular stable-mate. Articles published in DungeonMaster were sometimes later reprinted in Drummer. In 1992, Desmodus Inc., which then included Drummer, Mach, Tough Customers, DungeonMaster, The Sandmutopia Guardian and The Sandmutopia Supply Company, was sold to a Dutch corporation headed by Martjin Bakker, the owner of RoB Amsterdam stores and galleries. Tony DeBlase became Editor Emeritus and passed away in 2000.

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