Illustrated Guide: Boy Scout Knots


The Boy Scouts have always been the go-to resource for knot tying, though I’m sure they have innocent purposes in mind. You might not get a Knot Merit Badge for learning these, but you will find that they will see you through pretty much any rope bondage situation you might come up against.

There are thousands of knots, and it’s easy to get confused about which ones you should learn. The Boy Scouts have been at this since the turn of the 20th century and they’ve distilled the essentials to 40 rope knots. If you can master all of these, and you know what situations they’re useful in, fellow riggers (and boy scouts) are sure to give you a respectful nod.


• Scouting Magazine – How to Tie 10 Essential Scouting Knots
• Animated Knots by Grog – Tie Knots The Fun and Easy Way

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