How to Shave a Grown Man

by Gil

Shaving can represent the removal of the “manhood” of the bottom, the subservience and vulnerability of the boy, the power of the master. When more visible areas are shaved (e.g. the head), the bottom must deal with issues of image, vanity and ego. From the point of view of physical activity to follow, shaving often makes bondage easier (no hair to catch), and certainly simplifies wax scenes.

There are various tools for shaving, including straight razors (requires much practice), clippers, waxing and prep razors. This article will deal with the last, which are easy to use and require no water or lather.

Materials Needed

  • A drop cloth or something else to catch the failing hair. I like the kind that has paper on the upper side to catch liquid or wax, and plastic on the lower side to prevent leakage. Not all hardware stores have this type. Drop cloths are so big, I cut them into fourths or smaller.
  • Baby powder.
  • Prep razors. These look like double-edge safety razors, but have a zigzag plastic edge on each side to lift the hair. They are available at some “leather stores,” some surgical supply places, or cheapest of all if you buy a box of 100 from the factory!
  • Latex gloves (in case of dots of blood) and Bactine spray (Peroxide or Betadyne are fine also. Alcohol stings.)
  • Paper towels (for drying).
  • A hairy bottom.

Areas to Shave

The head would require clipping the hair short first, and would take lots of time and care. My favorites are armpits, chest, pubic hair, cock and balls, and ass. I find back, arms, and legs less sensuous and more time consuming, but all can certainly be done. Shaving eyebrows should rarely be done — people can explain shaved heads to their employers, but eyebrows are another story.


Lay down a drop cloth, unless you want your floor or bed to be covered with powder and hair! I generally have the bottom vertical so the hair falls off him, but horizontal is fine too (and easier when doing the scrotum). Lightly pat baby powder on the area to be shaved, until the area is dry. Otherwise the hair will clog the razor badly. The powder also helps the razor move smoothly. Keep the skin fairly taut with one hand, and hold the razor loosely with the other hand. Remove the hair with short strokes, going with the grain of the hair. Stubborn bits of stubble are removed after by shaving against the grain. Be careful not to cut off small pimples (or tits!); watch for them and hold a fingertip over them as you shave around them. If the bottom has tit rings, pull on them to expose the small surrounding hairs. The scrotum requires stretching with one hand as you shave with the other (not easy). The perineum is most easily done when the bottom is on his knees with ass in the air. The bottom can spread his cheeks. Tap the end of the razor on a hard surface frequently so the powder and cut hair drop off. When you feel that both sides of the razor are no longer sharp, change razors. Two or three will be enough for most bottoms.

Never use the same razor on different people.

Do not ejaculate on a shaved area for a day, as that area has been abraded.

Don’t rush the scene. Make it sensual and exciting both physically and psychologically for the bottom and the top.


You can be decorative if you wish. Leaving a narrow vertical strip of hair down the chest of a hairy bottom looks wonderful. He may decide to keep it that way permanently. You can shave half the chest at a time. You can leave hair arrows, or create hairless words.

What to Do About…

  • Dots of blood: These occasionally occur (especially in the pubic hair area). Pat the area with paper toweling and shortly spray it with Bactine (or its equivalent). This spraying is a good idea even when no blood is visible. I only use gloves when I see blood, and then only on the hand not holding the razor.
  • Itching: Putting powder on the shaved area for a few days should cut down on itching. Or keep yourself shaved!
  • Ingrown hairs: If this has been a problem for you, get a sulfur salicylic acid soap at the drugstore. It removes oil from the area, thus helping solve the problem. And stay out of the steam room for a few days.

I always keep a dozen prep razors, a very small container of powder, and a couple of latex gloves, in a ziploc baggie, ready to drop into my toy bag. I also usually give the bottom a couple of razors to take home in case he finds some stray hairs that I missed. Of course, some bottoms learn to shave themselves completely (in case all the tops are unavailable). Enjoy yourselves!

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