Hurt Me Plenty – A Gameplay Review

If you are someone who practices SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual), do you sometimes have a hard time explaining what consent means to you? Here’s a game that not only drills that, but is fun to play too.

Robert Yang, both an Artist and indie game designer has created a VR game in simulation of a simple BDSM Spanking scene. You are the Dom, and begin by negotiating boundaries, followed by a high res spanking game as you swing your mouse to whack the character’s butt red.

It is a pleasure to play, and more importantly, it brings forward the understanding of consent as a fluid form embedded within the continuous dynamic of a BDSM session. If you violate the consent at any time during the simulation, you will be barred from playing the game for a short period of time, so you will need to control your sadistic urges if you want to continue with your pleasures.

This game is only appropriate if you are following the SSC structure, it could be pretty annoying if you take a RACK (Risk, Aware, Consensual and Kink) approach.

In this case, the gameplay follows the rule of thumb that you should spank according to the preference of the submissive. In real-life power exchange, there are other negotiated and consensual possibilities.

Nonetheless, it is a fun game to get your mouse whacking, even if you are a sub. i think it does give you an insight, or at least a peephole, into a Dom’s perspective.

If you want to try out the game, here is the link to the website (It support Window, Mac and Linux, and it’s free!) If gameplay is not your thing, but you’re curious, check out the talk-through on Snipe & Wib (YouTube) below.

There are some other great games by Robert Yang available. i have personally played Stickshift and Succulent. Stickshift is quite difficult but the final satisfaction pays off the tediousness. Succulent is just a simple and fun high res hyper-masculinity amusement. You can find out all the games at

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