Clique Schisms

The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born
Antonio Gramsci – Selections from the Prison Notebooks

i’ve been clicking around recently looking for a sense of subcultural belonging. One of my favourite podcasts is nosafeword, and i stumbled across an episode called “Clique Schisms”.

Sparky and Daddy Tony unpack some of the BDSM community issues that are arising due to a generational gap. It’s not really a new phenomenon, but perhaps now, in particular, we are seeing some disagreement and dispute between the older kinksters and the younger ones.

It’s understandable, but problematic, to attribute behavioural patterns to certain age-group or generations. The brush is just too broad. As individuals, we all have our different perspectives and approach to life, influenced by our social backgrounds and cultural beliefs. Being able to transcend and break through these can be the hardest thing we do in our lifetime.

But, it’s our human nature to look for patterns and reasons where we see problems, and it is easier to think “that’s a millennial thing” than to employ deeper critical thinking, in trying to foster a better discussion around whatever that “thing” may be.

i react in the same way Sparky does whenever i’m dealing with “generational” criticism. I usually turn away and stop interacting, because using generation as a kind of blanket argument suggests to me that the person talking does not think beyond the common (most of the time non-critical) societal belief and dogma.

We’re seeing this kind of generational criticism in the BDSM subculture, but of course it also happens in politics, many other communities and society at large.

If you are interested to hear about this debate of “Old Guard Versus New School”, check out “Clique and Schisms” on nosafeword:


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