Illustrated Guide – Non-Monogamy

From casual sex and swinging to open relationships to polyamory to D/s play… there are a lot of ways to do non-monogamy.

And then there are the “don’t ask, don’t tells”, the 100 mile rule, cucks and hot-wives, and many other variants.

Franklin Veaux created a map of non-monogamy in 2010 that pops up in many places around the internet. He has redesigned and updated it for 2017, and it now includes relationship anarchy and solo polyamory. It’s an attempt to show not only the main non-monogamy styles, but how they intersect and overlap.

Perhaps it really is the world’s most complicated Venn Diagram.

If you jump in before February 2018, you can get a poster-sized (24″ x 36″) print of the map for only USD15 by sponsoring the project on IndieGoGo.

This is a regular series of illustrated guides. You can find the others here.

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