Quiz – Map Your Kinks

If you follow our blog you’ll notice we like quizzes. Life is stressful enough, with all those boots to lick clean and canes to shine, so forgive us if we want a little idle distraction in our lives. Isn’t that why the internet was invented?

Do you know how kinky you really are? I mean REALLY?

The Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality features fetishes you’ve probably never even thought of. Navigate the lands of dark desires, sticking coloured pins in your favourites, and you can save your (very) personal map with a link to share with others. Be careful, mysterious monsters may lurk in the waters.



What is Your Safeword?
What’s Your BDSM Role?
The Submissive Test – What’s Kind of Submissive Are You?
Map Your Kinks
• What kind of Sexual Deviant Are You?

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  1. Elbs says:

    Anyone else struck with a desire to start writing about a fantasy setting where each of these areas has a society designed around that region’s kink?

    1. MasterMarc says:

      I would most definitely read that Elbs =)

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