The Submissive Test: What Kind of Submissive Are You?

The problem with terms like “sub” or “slave” is that they’re broad umbrella terms. Perhaps you see your role (or would like your role) to be partly domestic helper, partly pet, partly pleasure toy. Or perhaps something else?

What type of submissive are you? This test utilizes the 11 categories of submissive from “Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook” and utilizes your responses to 50 questions to place you on a a series of spectrums from 0-100% for each of the 11 categories. Overlap between sub categories is not only possible, but rather common. Scores above 50% generally should be interpreted as “positive” for that category, just as scores below 50% should be interpreted as “negative.”

It’s a quiz. Don’t take it too seriously. But, you might find the results interesting.



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What is Your Safeword?
What’s Your BDSM Role?
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• What Kind of Submissive Are You?


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey!!! Where is the submissive type quiz? I love that quiz! I was having a friend take it and it’s gone 😢

    1. MasterMarc says:

      Thanks for the update Jennifer. Unfortunately it seems that the site is down and probably will be for a while. Michael Makai is involved in some
      legal issues
      and I guess they must be going badly. If I hear that it’s popped up again somewhere, I’ll drop you a note and let you know.

  2. Mistress Safira says:

    I need a list of those types listed in that quiz 🙁 anyone have them?

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