Quiz – What Kind of Submissive Are You?

We know our followers love personality tests and BDSM quizzes. It’s always fun to find out more about who we are. Of course, online tests and quizzes are not definitive of our personality, but they can be fun for self-discovery. Perhaps you’ll just be reassured, or perhaps you’ll discover something about yourself that you never knew.

This quiz, by Submissive Playground, uses 14 well constructed multiple choice questions and places you in one of 9 archetype submissive roles. Well, actually only 8 (one is “not submissive”).

Personally, I have been exploring Domination and switching for few weeks, and it is comforting to get my result suggesting that fundamentally I am still a “slave”. The 9 categories are explained below the link. Which one are you?

Take the What Kind of Submissive Are You? quiz

Your result will be one of these types:

The Classic Submissive

You clock in as a classic submissive. You like giving over to your Dominant’s will, not just submitting to a Top’s sensation. You have a few boundaries and limits to what you will or won’t do, but you are eager to do what it takes to please and pleasure the one to whom you submit. You may love pain, or love to give service, or adore sex, but your desire for giving over is what drives you the strongest.

Servicey Submissive

Alfred from Batman. Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey. Lurch from the Addam’s Family. Riff-Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. These (and other) butlers are likely to be your service icons. You are a service-oriented submissive, through and through. You show your love and affection by keeping up with the chores, making sure your Dominant’s favorite hot morning beverages are always perfectly made, and anticipating their next desire—sometimes even before they do. You have likely been working on this skill of giving service with all kinds of people in your life for many years, not just in your intimate, romantic, or sexual relationships.

The Player

You sweet thing! You might be a puppy or a kitty, or you might be a full grown cat or dog, or you might be really into pony play. Or perhaps you don’t have such a present animal familiar, but instead you tap in to you at other ages or stages, and you are a boy or a girl who craves the kinky, consensual kind of parental attention, care, and play. The thing these all have in common is role play—tapping in to a strong deep part of yourself and letting it out through scene paremeters—and ownership, where you are attached to your owner or daddy or mommy who protects you and nurtures you (and also might sometimes play with you in dirty kinky scenes).

Not an S type!

You’re not submissive, a slave, a bottom, service-oriented, a slut, or a naughty minx—you much prefer to be in charge or in an egalitarian relationship. Or perhaps you’re a mix of all kinds of things, a switch, or something else, but for whatever reason, right now you are testing as not an s-type at all. But hey, you took this quiz, so probably you have a little bit of curiosity around receiving, bottoming, submitting, and service.

the Kinky Fuck

You are clearly a kinky masochist. Though submissive s-types like psychological play, and slave s-types seek to be owned and controlled in addition to psychologically submit to another’s will, kinky bottoms like you are driven by the love to receive sensation. You might love pain, you might love service, you might love sex—but primarily you like to receive. Bold, stingy, thuddy, feathery, light, soft, big, biting—you might have preferences, but it’s clear that you like it all more than most.

Slut by day, Slut by night

You’re a slut. You like sex—and when I say you like sex, I mean you REALLY like sex. Giving, receiving, topping, bottoming, serving, whatever—you are happy as long as you’re getting your rocks off. Service, humiliation, pain—you may be into those things, but those aren’t the main course for you. The sexual play, attention, and pleasure is what matters most for you.

Bottom’s up!

You are a bottom. You have your own strength and power in your day to day life, but you love rough sex, from BDSM masochism to scrappy deep fucking. You don’t tend to want to psychologically give over to another’s will, but you will do what your scene top says to do, and take what they dish out, and you will like it. You might love spanking, sex toys, provocative outfits—but mostly you want that rush of giving over in safe, contained ways that make you feel strong, capable, and fierce.

Naughty, naughty, naughty!

You love to entice. Teasing, testing limits, pushing boundaries, cajoling, begging, breaking rules—you love to see exactly how far you can go, and you love to be punished. But it’s not really punishment—“funishment” is the name of the game to get you to take a lot of physical sensation play. Sometimes, people call you a “brat,” but that’s because your naughty tendencies are misunderstood as disrespectful, when in fact they are part of how you like to keep things interesting. You love to push your top’s buttons, and they love you all the more for it.


It’s not just a BDSM cliche—some of us, like you, are actual consensual slaves. You want to give over access to your entire self: body, time, will, and more. Though you may love to receive sensation, give good service, and submit psychologically, you also get off the very most by being owned, controlled, and possessed. Your deepest pleasure derives from someone else taking their deepest pleasure from encounters with you, and everything else is just icing on the cake. You love to be asked to do things that are not for your pleasure, just so you can have a chance to exercise your own devotion to your path as a slave.


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