Quiz – Are You a Left or Right Brainer?

We all love fun quizzes. Find out how much of your brain works as a lefty and righty.

BDSM practices include intensive psychological observation – understanding to dominate and submit. If your Dom has a strong nature that leans to the right brain, abstract arts and flexibility in everyday life may be very pleasurable. It is up to you to be creative in how to incorporate that small piece of information, but generally arts, theatre or movies may be be a soft spot for Him. By the same token, if He is a left brainer, you might not want to be late and have a clear schedule and stick to it.

Likewise, if Your sub is a left brainer, he may like to have a fixed schedule, and if he is a right brainer, you might find that he reacts well to creative scenes that have elements of surprise, fun and perhaps a little role playing in the.

Of course a Dom may decide to moderate his sub’s left/right brain tendencies through training for a better fit with His own style.

Anyway, take a fun quiz to find out which side of the brain you are most comfortable on. It’s even better if you can get your partner to take it too and share the results.

Take the Left Brain / Right Brain Quiz


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