Quiz – Discover your Personal Erotic Myth

 A Personal Erotic Myth (PEM) contains the fantasy imagery, story-lines, dialogue, props, settings attire,  personas and actions, that drive a person that has a PEM to orgasm, or other deep erotic states.

It is often expressed in fetish, kink and D/s-BDSM oriented sex. Some people are quite aware of their PEM. Some may have multiple PEM’s that ebb and flow in their sex life. For many others,  it is  still an unconscious but compelling force, just below acknowledged awarenessthat drives their sexual desire. It is the aspect of their Eros that they have not looked at, or engaged in consciously.  But during sex, in the moments right before orgasm,  it can flood into the body in wild, fierce gestures, accompanied by vocalized profane, blasphemous invectives (sound-bytes from the PEM).

This survey was developed by Transpersonal Psychologist, Kink Sex Educator and Sex Researcher Galen Fous MTP, author of Decoding Your Kink: Guide to Explore, Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires. See what it reveals about your own PEM and review statistics and comments of over 2400 previous responders.



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