Negotiating a Chastity Contract

We’ve added a Chastity Contract to our free downloads in the sidebar, or you can download it here. It’s in Word format, so that you can edit it to your own unique needs.

Many people use contracts to formalise parts (or all) of their power exchange. There’s something official and serious about putting a signature at the bottom of a formal written contract. There it is, in black and white, reminding both parties of their obligations.

A Chastity Contract is particularly useful, because the terms of chastity agreements can be quite complex. It’s easy to innocently forget that you’ve agreed to a particular thing when it is one of 20, 50 or 100 clauses in an agreement.

As a boilerplate, the one in our downloads is couched in quite general terms, but a Chastity Contract can get quite specific. Two variations that are common are:

• The Husband/Wife Contract

These often contain specific clauses relating to household and marital duties under the contract, which can include doing chores and how the caged husband will sexually satisfy the wife. Many contain a statement of purpose at the beginning, such as:

a. Husband acknowledges his deep need for loving female domination.
b. Wife and Husband acknowledge that it is in the interest of both parties to have a strong and loving marriage.
c. Therefore, Husband, desiring to improve himself and the marital relationship, has wisely concluded that he should agree to a Chastity Contract for the benefit of Wife, in which Husband forfeits all control of his orgasm to Wife. Wife, in exchange, offers to fulfill Husband’s need for loving female domination under this Contract.

• The Sissy Contract

These often contain specific clauses relating to clothing and chores. The Chastity Contract is often written in humiliating language to emphasise the user’s sissyness. For example:

a. Sissy submits ownership of his/her useless genitals to Mistress as Her property. Sissy is not allowed to touch or fondle his/her boy-clit without Mistresses consent. However, Mistress has free reign to do whatever She desires with Her property.
b. Sissy will take responsibility for the performance of any household chores as directed by Mistress. This includes, but is not limited to, laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the floors, trash removal, ironing, and general cleanup of all rooms within the house. Mistress may request that these chores be done at any time that she sees fit and in any attire she decides. Sissy will normally wear a full maid’s uniform when cleaning house and will never be un-chastised when dressed as a sissy maid.


Another common variation, which is very useful for making the contract specific, is to include a section on (Rewards and) Punishments. This can be a straightforward section, detailing what infringements will be punished and what the punishment will be.

A variation on the Rewards and Punishments section that can add an element of gaming fun to the contract is a points system. I’ve extracted a small part of a points-based contract below, so you can see how it works:

2.07 Primary Objectives: A list of chores, duties and responsibilities and their frequency of performance. Worth one (1) Point per day.

2.08 Secondary Objectives: A list, though it may not be in writing, of tasks, chores, duties, actions and responsibilities to be performed, typically of a limited or non-recurring nature. Can only be completed after Primary Objectives are complete, unless instructed otherwise by Mistress. Worth an additional Point (1) per day.

4.03 Upon reaching the conclusion of the contract, including any and all Time Extensions, Slave will be permitted an Orgasm at Mistress’ discretion, as well as release from the Chastity Device for an indeterminate amount of time.

4.04 Unauthorized Orgasms are punishable by a Severe Time Extension, as detailed in article 5.03.

4.05 Unauthorized removal of the Chastity Device is a punishable offense. Any escape of the genitalia outside of the Chastity Device constitutes a breach. In addition, there will be an immediate presumption that an Unauthorized Orgasm occurred.

4.06 Mistress may decide to levy additional punishments, as detailed in Article V, for Unauthorized Orgasms, in addition to a Severe Time Extension, at her discretion.

4.07 Upon earning seven points (7), Slave will be permitted a Tease Session, the time, duration, and method of which will be determined by Mistress. The total points will be reverted to zero (0) upon completion of the tease.

4.08 Failure to complete Primary Objectives carries the mandatory punishment of a Time Extension, as detailed in 5.02, with additional punishments to be determined at Mistress’ discretion.

Article V Punishments

5.01 Punishments listed in Article V do not represent the sum total of potential punishments; sole authority to create, implement, and enforce any form of punishment resides with Mistress.

5.02 Punishments cannot exceed an amount of time that would impede, prevent, or otherwise disrupt the completion of Primary Objectives.

5.03 Time Extension: An additional day (24 hours) in which Slave is denied an Orgasm in addition to the Duration of Contract.

5.04 Severe Time Extension: An additional seven (7) days in addition to the Duration of Contract.

5.05 Punishments may include but are not limited to: extra duties or chores, denial of other forms of affection for a specified or unspecified period of time, a Time Extension, spankings, flogging, cropping, and the application of electric stimulation to the Slave’s anatomy.

No-one expects the contracts we use to hold up in a court of law, so feel free to modify your Chastity Contract without worrying too much about getting the legal language right. It’s a document of understanding, so edit it to reflect the specific agreement you want to make. Haggling the terms of the agreement can be half the fun!

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