Download a Free Editable Sissy Maid Contract

In the U.S., BDSM history is richly steeped in leather culture and the stories of returning WWII veterans and motorcycle clubs. Parts of the community, including Sissy Maids, get overlooked in these stories, yet they have a rich, and better documented, history in Europe.

We’ve had quite a number of queries for a Sissy Maid Contract, so we’ve uploaded one to our Free Downloads section in the sidebar (or you can download it here). It’s in MSWord format, so that you can edit it to your exact liking, making sure you include all of your requirements to train, discipline, punish, humiliate, chastise, tease and cuckold him.


Some additional suggestions for use of the contract that may help to prepare him for his role as a sissy:

• Send it to him and have him make the first edits to strengthen the contract and email it back to you. Reply with lots of new rules and conditions to be included, to increase his service commitment.

• If you have a friend you can involve in the process, have her act as a lawyer and direct all negotiations through her. She can also witness your signatures when the negotiations are complete and the contract is ready to sign.

• Consider the costs of keeping a Sissy Maid (will you be supplying uniforms or other items?). You may wish to have your sissy deposit a suitable amount of money with you for upkeep when you sign the contract.


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