Skipping and Dancing into the Little Mind of DDlg/b

There is one thing i don’t understand. Why are adults so boring? My aunt is standing in the corner, reading that big paper with so many words, like an army of marching across the paper. She does that every day; in the morning and the afternoon. 

my cousin is even more boring. She stands beside the counter waiting to serve the customers, doing nothing but standing. Sometime i get really annoying and i will step on their feet and run around them. They often scold me and say i am naughty and whack me with rulers or the long stick. That’s so not fair, and i am not losing the battle. i keep dancing around and step on their feet on purpose. They need to play with me! Look at that kid next door. He just got his new toy car, it’s blue in colour with black stripes, looks like a Police truck. His sister was dancing with a Sponge Bob balloon that floast in the air like magic. 

i am gonna keep stepping on my aunt’s feet and my cousin’s feet, i don’t know why i keep doing that, but they are boring! i don’t care about the whack! 

DDlg stands for Daddy Dom and little girl, DDLB is Daddy Dom and little boy. Of course there are Mommies too. These relationships exist within kink space, but to put defining limits on them would be wrong. Some relationships within BDSM are DDlg/b, and other times there is no element of BDSM involved. There are DDlg/b sadomasochists who incorporate severe punishment such as spanking and caning, and there are DDlg/b relationships that are almost vanilla in flavour.

There’s a range of age dynamics, from the older “schoolboy/princess” (sometimes called middles) down to the younger toddler (colouring books and lollipops) and down again to adult babies (diapers and pacifiers).

It is a mentality or dynamic, that simplifies our everyday life interaction with the world we live in. In that respect it offers some of the same benefits as Master/slave relationships. Master and slave relationships arer able to simplify one’s perspective. It can be a closed and intimate space between the Master and the slave, that produces a close-knit dynamic. Waking up becomes something with a unique purpose. The Master wants to be served by the slave, and the slave wants to serve the Master.

Fundamentally, it is creating a mental space for intimacy, comfort and security between two people, and some people describe it as being similar to the comfort of a having a religion or a strong life-purpose.

Think of adult baby relationships, probably the least understood of the ageplay dynamics. Wearing a diaper gives you a chance to enter a world that is unstructured and unbound by convention, and allows you to be creative about your sexuality and the intimacy between you and your partner (Daddy or Mommy). You get to chew your pacifier and step on His/Her feet for attention. Depending on your relationship, your Daddy or Mommy gets to whack you with the belt or cane you with the rottan to punish you. In sustaining the space of DDlg/b you get to forget about your work, and curl up in the arms of your Daddy/Mommy, watch a cartoon, dance in the lounge room or kiss your Daddy or Mommy on their cheek. All you need to do is follow your heart and choose to listen or rebel, and all your Daddy/ Mommy needs to do is interact with you in the way they think is appropriate to your behaviour. In this moment, it is paradise and the world is full of imagination.


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