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spanking1We’ve reblogged these illustrations from Arkham-Insanity at DeviantArt. She’s got a bunch of great spanking illustrations in her gallery worth checking out.

spanking2spanking3spanking4spanking5Like everything in life, spanking is a personal thing that varies from one kinkster to another. Some people need an excuse for a spanking, some don’t. Some like a warmup and some want to be shocked by the first full-force slap. And, some like tools while others think a warm hand is the only enjoyable implement.

If you’re really (really!) into spanking, then you could be a spanko.

spanko: Person who enjoys spanking others. There is a whole spanko culture, separate and different from the BDSM culture. Texas, circa 2014, an increasing overlap is causing clashes, because much of spanko culture is based on sub hetero-normative white cis women being spanked because they are “naughty” exclusive of most of the excuses, fetishes, reasons, roles or motivations used in the BDSM community.
Fetlife BDSM Glossary group

There’s a section in the Karma Sutra on properly spanking your partner, but it’s not as complex as many things we do in BDSM and with a little feedback from your partner you’ll soon fine-tune the areas you should target and whether to repeat or vary your strokes. It’s also something that most people associate in similar ways, which makes it ideal in punishment, age-play and domestic discipline scenes.


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