Illustrated Guide – Basic Dildos

BasicDildos Illustration

We’ve reblogged this illustration from Girlfriend and ExGirlfriend BDSM Gallery. They’ve got great taste in NSFW pics too.

This is a regular series of illustrated guides. You can find the others here.

We’ve posted an illustrated guide to dildos before (see below), but this one is a collection for the toy-box that every Dom will find themselves returning to again and again. Dildos are really one toy that’s worth spending a little more money on for higher quality. No-one likes those solid pink rubber ones, and it costs only a little more to get something better.

Lubricants are a tricky issue. Dildos go inside the body, and oil based lubricants are not only not condom friendly, they also don’t wash off easily. That means they can leave an oily coating where you don’t want it. Silicone based lubes are sexy to touch (and they don’t dry out), but they will destroy your silicone toys, making the surface soft and squishy.

The winner is always water based lube. It’s safe with condoms, it’s safe with any toy of any material, it’s friendly to the delicate areas of the body and it washes off cleanly. Best of all, there’s really no reason to buy an expensive brand. Most medical supply stores and pharmacies have inexpensive house-brand water based lube in sizes up to big pump-bottles.


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