The Thrill of Financial Domination

i am a fresh graduate, and just started my first full-time. At the same time, i am a collared slaveboy to a Master with His pup.

Having just been through multiple intensive interviews, and talking about jobs with families and friends, i’ve discovered something interesting about salary and money.

It intrigues me the way people shy away from discussing money. Whenever the subject of salary comes up, there is this moment of silence that take place in the room.

When i share and update my social media, whenever there is a comment about salary i often get a personal message, explaining to me how i shouldn’t share that kind of thing out loud. As if this subject of money is a kind of secret. Yet, this thing with the cult-liked status attached to it is used by us every day to operate every facet of our life.

Of course, being the mischievous deviant being that i am, having discovered this societal taboo i see its potential to be subverted into a kind of BDSM thrill. By BDSM thrill, i don’t mean jerking off and shooting loads. i see how it can be part of the lifestyle approach to daily life, and the tingly sensations of power exchange. For me, power exchange is an approach to achieve a sense of totality in living, where you are able to take non-pleasurable aspects of society and subvert them into pleasurable thrills of power exchange with your partner.


my personal approach to life is generally aligned with the Foucauldian way of looking at the world. Foucault looks at discontinuity in “Archaeology of Knowledge”. Discontinuity (as opposed to continuity) is a method of looking at the breaks in timeline, or junctures of decisions, using the unwritten histories and knowledge as a tool to analyze and observe the structures of humanities and ideologies of various forms.

Foucault continually uses the principles of discontinuity, break and difference in his analyses, in order to undermine philosophical notions of unchanging essences in history. These essences include the ‘Man’ and ‘human nature’ and ‘great man’ of humanist philosophies. Discontinuity also challenges notions of cause, effect, progress, destiny, tradition and influence in history.
Michel Foucault Concepts

By looking at the discontinuity we can then discover points of entry for transgression, innovation, creation, and options that are outside of the modern convention.

i’ll admit that i am often guilty of employing academic theories in seeking ways to explain or explore the possibilities of fetishism. And, i find the constant predictable discontinuous break of moment every time we discuss money at a personal level.

It’s moments of discontinuity like these that allow for decisions and options to be made, which makes them a powerful instrument that can be utilized for BDSM Master and slave power exchange.


Karl Marx took a political economic approach in putting forward critiques on the value of money and goods. He is the originator of the concept of commodity fetishism, which is that the direct engagement between producer and consumer has been replaced by operating instruments of trading (money). This disengagement is so immense that our perception and values has shifted from the quality of the actual products that we buy, to how much money we spent in buying the products. In a simpler term, we can now feel good simply by spending a lot of money buying stuff, rather than buying cheap yet premium-quality products. The pleasure associated with products have been detached from the product itself, and have shifted towards the money (operating instrument) that we spend.


I think before we start talking about Financial Domination we need to address the elephant in the room. As a kink, it has gained an increasingly skeevy reputation in the past 5 years or so, due to a flood of pseudo-pro-Dommes from Russia/Eastern Bloc countries who flood social media with messages in inappropriate groups hoping to fleece some poor newbie submissive. There is certainly a place, and often a need, for true professionals, but this kink more than any other seems to have attracted a flood of scam artists.

There are many forms (and levels of intensity) of Financial Domination. Some people take it to the extreme by emptying their entire bank account for the charismatic Dom that they admire on Tumblr, in the same way some people would go to the extreme end and fly themselves to a stranger’s underground dungeon and be their permanent slave.

For me, thinking about tribute for my Master not only gets my dick(let) excited. Before i was exposed to Financial Domination, i already enjoyed pleasing and serving my Master. It made me feel deeply satisfied just to get His smile, and knowing that my Master has derived any kind of pleasure warms my heart.

Being able to surrender money (which constitutes great complex power and meaning in society) over to Master is ultimately a deep submission, hence power exchange. It is no different for me than surrendering my physical body for His pleasure in whipping, caning, bondage, imprisonment, branding or mutilation. Surrendering money can be extremely hot on a psychological level.

The idea of surrendering my monthly salary for Master is particularly hot for me. The idea of relying on my Owner to give me money to live, and knowing that He can deny access to that, is an extremely vulnerable feeling. You are at the mercy at your Owner.

Most of it is psychological Sadomasochism. In this fantasy world, the Owner can literally make your bank account bleed, visualizing the ATM machine as an extension of the human being. Withdrawing money from your bank account is a direct tap on your life-energy. Taking out money is a conceptual whipping… as the credit goes down to zero.

In the same way a Dominant might start with a flogger and escalate to a cat-o-nine, and then to the most blood thirsting whips, He could start taking 5 dollars each hour, then 20 dollars every half an hour, climaxing at 100 dollars every minute. It’d be breath-taking to watch how your account balance vaporizes simply because you have surrendered that power to someone you truly love, in exchange for that collar continuing be locked.

All of the thrills from Financial Sadomasochism come from our philosophical understanding and societal construct of money. The theories from Karl Marx and Foucault add to the thrill of our private pleasures.

As usual, safety and consent is required in any power exchange. Physically, you don’t want to end up in hospital or passing out during breath play, and similar rules apply to Financial Sadomasochism. Stay safe, sane and consensual.


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