Sexy Chastity Games for boys and their Keyholders

Some time ago we published Chastity – Sexy Games for Solo Players, but we get a lot of enquiries from keyholders for games they can play too.

So, the two of you have found the right chastity cage and you’ve got the erections and wanking under control. You might be wondering, what next? Perhaps it’s time to spice things up and make your chastity journey a bit more fun and kinky!


The Proctor has similarities to a board game format — you roll a dice and have your avatar walk the boxes to determine outcome. Except, Proctor is designed to degrade, humiliate, and extend the period of chastity. There are two links included for the board game, one for the person locked in chastity, another for the Dominant. You roll the dice, and have fun with your partner.


This is a simple game of setting tasks and missions for you and your subs. There is a guideline list of tasks that you can use to start creating one for yourself. Decide the difficulty of the tasks and how many points you will grant for your boy. The boy accumulates his coins, and he gets to exchange them for something from you. It could be 50 coins for 4 hours release, 30 coins for kissing your feet, or 150 coins to be unlocked. Be creative!


Hide the key in a secret place and give hints to your locked boy. For example, you can hide it in the gym/office/college’s locker box, or somewhere in the kitchen/fridge. You might demand a service from your boy in exchange for hints to look for the key, or perhaps you’ll just give out hints when you are in a good mood. If you want to be a little more evil, only allow him to search for the key when you are not watching. If you catch him searching for the key, you get to punish the little thief who’s trying to steal your hidden property!


Have a combination number lock, and if your locked boy wants to get unlocked he’ll have to try 999 times or 9999 times (for four numbers combination lock). Or, he will have to beg you to give him the number. Here is your opportunity for training. Do you have a buttplug that needs warming for some period of time? If his service is up to your expectation and pleases you, you can reward him with a number. Then he only has two (or three) more numbers to earn.


Have house chores that you need to get done? Some ironing, laundry or cleaning? Set a timer for your locked boy to complete the task. Each extra minute that your boy takes for completing the task to your satisfaction will turn into an extension of time his cage is locked. For example, if you give him 20 minutes to do dishes and he takes 45 minutes, that’s 25 minutes more than he was allowed. You can set the punishment at 1 minute to 1 day, which would be 25 extra days (cruel!), or perhaps 1 minute is punished by one hour, for an additional 25 hours. From now on, your house will be sparkling clean.

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  1. Sean says:

    My girlfriend and I, although not mistress and sub, do live a female led orgasm sex life. We do try to make sure that she gets orgasms as frequently as she wants. And she wants a lot.
    We play a simple dice game. We roll a double and she has to have that amount of orgasms before I’m allowed to cum. Double 6 are tough but she loves them so it’s worth it.

    On a side not I am not allowed to refuse giving her an orgasm at anytime. She does have fun making me go down on her when we have had a row

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